Friday, July 23, 2010

oh the adventures Jessica and I have...

Hello friends,

Well I'm new at this whole blogging thing! I hope I can stick to it. If you know me at all, you should know I can't keep up a journal. I always look back and see I have not written in almost a year! So, like I said, let's see if I can successfully keep up on it :)

Today went from a miserably hot day to a wonderful relaxing cool night. This morning my house was soo hot! It has been hot for about a week and I was ready to fix the problem. Jessica got home and we went outside to see what the problem was with the nasty old swamp cooler-- the water line was switched to the wrong side and we didn't have water running through it. DUH! I was suprised that two blondes could figure it out. hehe. We went and got dinner and when we walked in our house, it smelt like POND WATER! It was repulsive. Soo.. I had a beyond brilliant idea; we tied air freshners in the cooler. Our house smelt like coconut and it was yummy!

This was our amazing ghetto swamp cooler with the yummy air freshners in it.

Not for long though- after about an hour our house now smelled like a "nice" coconutty pond-smell. Not good! We took our first trip to wal mart-- the adventure of the rest of our night started at that moment. We went and tried looking for chloride tablets that were NOT at wal mart so we went to home depot. We came home and put them in and some other smell goods in the swamp cooler. We then watched some "so you think you can dance" and enjoyed the cool air. After the show was over we didn't know what to do with ourselves so we decided to do some feng shui.

So.. me and Jessica rearranged our living room tonight! We were both antsy and so we decided to try something new! We love it. Well, at least I do!

this was the before picture..

this is the after picture!!

It took us a good three hours to do it! We had to take a few trips to the worst place ever-- wal mart. We probably annoyed the electronic boy to the point he wanted to hang himself with a cable cord. I'm actually suprised he didn't the third time we went back. It was an adventure but it was so worth it I thought.

We are now enjoying our new rearranged-air conditioned house :)

Well, that's it for my first blog!

Til next time :)

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