Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have two topics to discuss on today's post.

First topic:

Today when I was getting ready for "topic 2" I got a phone call. The number looked familiar but I didn't know who it was. I wasn't going to answer it. I'm glad I did though. It was my Bishop.
"Hi, Mary. This is Bishop Garner. How are you?"
Oh great, I have to talk this Sunday or go in to "visit" with him, "I'm good, how are you?"
"I'm doing good. Hey I have a assignment for you if you would do it."
Well if the Bishop asks you to do something, you have to take it right?
Oh no. "Yeah! What's up?"
"Well I need you to be a mentor for for a girl that's in our ward. That okay?"
How exciting and new, "Yeah for sure! What do I have to do?"
"I'm not sure but here's her number, she's anticipating your phone call."
"Perfect, I'll call her right now."
"Thanks, Mary!"
"You're welcome. Bye."

Yes, exact conversation. You liked it.

Right after I got off the phone, I called her. She's from Ethiopia and was adopted by a family somewhere up North and got baptized in the LDS Church about four years ago. Just like me. Anyway, I guess I just have to help her with making goals, achieving those goals, and helping with whatever she needs. Just be a friend. I can do that, right? I'm actually really nervous, guys. I've never done anything like this before. What if I'm a bad friend? I guess I meet with someone over at the DI once a month and report to someone on how she's doing. Has anyone ever done this? I'm curious if you enjoyed it! I meet her Sunday at Church. I'm excited but, again, nervous. The Bishop told me it was inspiration, so it must be happening for a reason.

Topic two:

This morning I got ready and went straight to Express Employment Professional to get an interview with them. I was interview by my best friend, Aubrie Myers. It was great. She was asking me questions that she probably could have answered better than me. Anyway, I got a temporary job (probably only this once) at a medical office. The doctor travels down to Cedar on Friday's and takes patients. I'm going in to just do office work. AND again, excited but nervous. I'm a quick learner so I'm sure I'll be fine. Plus, I get paid for it! Whoooo! That's always good.

Anyway, things are starting to fall in place for me. I love life. I always have and always will. I have times where I sit on here and just vent all my emotions away but I'm human. I make mistakes. I'm not perfect.

Things are looking up for me. Things happen for a reason. I'm grateful for it.

Hope all is well with you all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The award goes to...

If there was an award given to the worlds funniest three year old, it would be my niece Sophia Lachelle. The entire three weeks I was at Lydia's house, this little stinker would always make me laugh one way or another. She says the funniest things, does the funniest things... well and is just the funniest three year old ever.
I sometimes wonder where she gets her sense of humor from (it's totally me)! She's so random but everything she says or does makes someone laugh. Before I left back to Cedar she came up to me and was like, "Oh heyyy girlfrien'." The day she said that, I was having a stressful day dealing with finances and whatnot. Well after that, I was happy! She knows how to cheer people up. Even if she doesn't know so.

The day I was leaving to come back to Cedar, she went in her room and got all her pillows; baby pillows, pillow pets, regular pillows, etc. After she hauled all of them out of her room, she was like, "Pillow fight!!" Oh man, I can't wait till I have my own kiddos. They better be just as funny as Soph-a-loaf is.

THEN, while I was packing my stuff up I was just sitting on the floor folding my clothes when she comes in playing this guitar thing. I look up and what do I see?


Cute. Riiiight? This was all her.

Then I asked her if she would sing us a song. Want to see? Oh you do!

You can't really hear what she's saying but it's still cute!

Anyway, that's all today. I just wanted to share this with you!

Happy Pioneer Day everyone. It's almost 11 pm and the frat home next to me thinks it's alright to let off all their fireworks. Not cool boys, not cool.


I haven't blogged for a few days and I have something to blog about but it's going to wait because it needs pictures :)

So for this one, it's going to be my top 3 favorite covers right now. Enjoy!

3. I love this song so much! The original is great but I LOVE this cover.

Just letting you know. My top three are from the Tyler Ward "family." They are all so talented.

2. Okay, she's 11. She's a great musician.

1. I think this is my favorite as of right now. I'm sure it will change tomorrow

And uh it's taking a coons age to upload the videos, so you can just click the link and take a look yourself. I love them all!

Random post, yes. Thanks for reading and listening!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home sweet home

That's right, I'm going back to Cedar! Like in thirty minutes to be exact. I cannot wait.

Here are a few things I'm excited for:

1. Growing new friendships.
2. Returning to Southern Utah University.
3. Experience new roommates. I'm quite nervous actually. I know the girls but that doesn't mean I don't have to be nervous.
4. Spend time with people I care for.
5. Moving to Cedar means I'm just that much closer to getting out of this blasted contract [Provo/Orem, I don't think I like you even a little].

Here are a few things I'm going to miss about living in St. George with my sister:

1. The friendship that has evolved between me and Lydia.
2. The opportunity I had to grow closer to these kids.
3. I wont be hearing, "I love you Maryyyy" from Sophia running around frantically.
4. Yes, I always complain about the heat when I'm in it, but I'm going to miss the sun!
5. Most of all, being close to my sistahs! It'll be hard to be away from them. My whombmate is in Cedar though. So that's good, right?

Well I better get my stuff together so I can head back to my home sweet home.

Cedar City, I'll see you shortly. St George, I'll be back to visit plenty. Promise.

Monday, July 18, 2011

True that...

This is so true, isn' it? Do you guys know what stumble upon is? Well if you do, that it where I found this quote. I seriously could "stumble" all day. I find the coolest, most inspirational, funniest things on this website. This is by far one of the best quotes I have read in a long time.

So have a wonderful day everyone!

Till next time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tender moment

Today my sister and I met up with her friend Gail to set up a party for Lia Sophia. While we were sitting down for lunch, I noticed this elderly man sitting there by himself eating lunch. He was so cute. After he ate his lunch, he was just sitting there. I then noticed a woman and her daughter come in and get ice cream together.

[before I move on, I'm not a creeper]

After a minute, again, I notice the woman getting another ice cream. This one wasn't for her. It was for the man sitting by himself. She thanked him for something, opened his spoon, and opened his nuts and sat those to the side. She was so thoughtful. It seriously made me get all emotional. I thought it was such a sweet thing for her to do that. He was so appreciative. She ended up getting her and her daughters stuff and sat down with him. He was telling her stories and then she left.

Gives me hope that there are good people like her in our world. Makes me strive to be a better person.

Thought I would share that with you guys.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.

Let's talk business...

I love Jewelry. Do you? Well you will if you love me.

Want to show that you love me?
Buy Jewelry. From my sister. Lydia, advisor of Lia Sophia.

She succored me into hosting one of these parties under her. At first I was a little hesitant because I didn't think I have friends to do it. Then I fell into the trap and I couldn't be anymore excited [secretly I do have a lot of friends. Just please, don't let me down you guys].

So back to you loving me.

The party is at my house [address soon to come] on Saturday August 20th at 5 pm.

The theme is Chocolate. Oh yeah, I'm excited. What girl doesn't like jewelry and chocolate?

So let me know if you guys would be interested in coming to this wonderful party. The catalog has beautiful pieces and you wont regret it. Super great deals, too!

Phone number: (435)592-5067
click on the picture to go to Lydia's site. Here you can order through the website directly and have it still count towards my party (for those who may be out of town or live out of town but want to be a part of this). July special is buy one full price item (this will be your cheapest item) and get two more expensive items for half off. How cool is that? August special buy two (same drill) get two half off. Buy three get three half off and so on and so forth. Great specials eh?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stepping back...

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed I was thinking to myself how many good things I have going in my life compared to the bad ones. This whole contract fiasco has really put me to the test. My stress levels were higher than ever, I was emotional, I only got a few hours of sleep a night, and I was never happy. That ends now. Have I not stepped back to take a look at everything I do have? I sure did tonight.

My sister has helped me out more than I can even thank her for. When I didn't have anywhere to stay, she opened her house up to me. Somewhere where I would feel comfortable. I'm going to miss them when I move back to Cedar. Which leads me to the house I'm going to live in Cedar; I'll be living with a few girls I met in my ward when I lived on 300. Not only am I going to live with way fun girls, I'll be back in the singles ward that's practically the ward I have been in other than the ward I was baptized in. Then I get blessed with the most kindest friends. When I stress out about money- and not the little stresses that we all have; big ones- or anything else, they are there to give me advice, throw some options out. Letting me know that everything will work out in the end. It always does. By the way my only option left with this contract is to sell it. The amount is outrageous. I wont post that. I have it, but would rather not spend it on the most ridiculous people I have ever met with (professionally). That's another blessing; I have the money and can get out of it. At least I have that, right? I can still live with the extra money I'll have (tithing is a great thing; blessings pour out) and job hunting.

Now I'm going to let you all know that prayer is one of the biggest things that have gotten me through a lot lately. Every time I start doubting myself, start stressing out, or start losing hope, I just turn to Heavenly Father in Prayer and ask for strength to get me through the trials I have been given. If these trials are in my life, I must have the strength to push through them. Yeah? I think so.

[I was going to add pictures but something crazy happened and I'm too tired to even care at this point. Sorry!]


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best...

I think I have some of the greatest people in my life. I'm not going to say I have all of the best people in my life because I think everyone has great people in their lives.

Really though, I sometimes wonder what I did to have these wonderful people in my life. My sisters and friends are who keep me going. They help me when I'm going through trials and remind me that things always work out and all things happen for a reason. Even when I'm about to give up. They cheer me on. They are always supportive for what I want to do. They never lie. They are straight forward and tell me the honest truth; which sometimes hurts and I don't want to hear it but after things work out (like they always do) I look back and think, they were sooo right.

I met some of those great people in Church. They help me with everything. Especially advice on what to do. They counsel me and give me different options that I never even thought about.

I hope that I can be like them one day. I try my hardest, but after what they help me with, it drives me to be a better person.

Moral of the story: I'm truly blessed to have the people I have in my life. I wouldn't swap them for anyone.

Thank you everyone for being there for me! And thanks Lydia for letting me stay at your house and babysit your cute children while I get back on my own two feet. You have no idea how much this all means to me.

Well everyone, go tell those you love that you greatly appreciate everything they do for you. Regardless, if you care for them, they have done something for you. So just tell them Thank You.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Funny Things...

I think I have the worlds funniest nieces and nephew. This isn't a joke. They have the cutest most funniest sense of humor ever. They're only 10 (Alexis), 8 (Sadie), 6 (Daniel), and 3 (Sophia).

Here are a few of the things they say that make me laugh every time:

"Burn suckaaaa." - Sadie and Lexy when they prove each other wrong.

Why are you so cute, Sadie??! "Because Mom gave birth to me."

"Guess what?" What? "Get outta town!" -Sophia.

Let's go pee, Sophia! "No, I don't like peeing." Why? "Because I love youuuu."

Seriously, the last two are my favorite. The last one is all in tears. Seriously, she's bawling hysterically the whole time. It's the funniest thing. Ever.

Well just thought I would share with you that my nieces and nephew are the cutest kids.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I really think I have a sleeping problem.

I wake up early every morning (okay so like 8-9ish) and don't take naps (except today when Sophia fell asleep on me. But Sunday naps our acceptable).

Then by ten at night, I'm exhausted. I lay down, fall asleep for like an hour, then wake up and can't get back to sleep for hours. What is that??

I'm getting really sick and tired of it.

On a happier note, I've found some places that have open rooms. Which both are in my old ward. I made my schedule at SUU and got financial aide started. Just need them to review it and let me know if I get it. Which I know I will. Tuition is a stinker. I don't understand why on earth it needs to be so expensive. Even though I made my schedule at probably the very last minute, I got all classes I need for my major. All of which are in the Education building. Maybe I should just rent an empty classroom and live there? Pft. I wish. That would be bomb.

So anyway, hopefully I find a house soon so I can move back to Cedar and start getting things in order. I have never been so unorganized in my entire life. That is soon to change, my friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and will have a superb week!

p.s No matter how excited I am to move back to Cedar, I'm going to be so sad to leave my nieces and nephew!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Webcam Fun..

Here are some pictures me and my nieces and nephew took (minus Sophia-- she was downstairs watching TV and I didn't want her throwing a fit)!

Aren't they so cute? I know I posted these pictures on Facebook. Just letting the ones who don't have Facebook have the opportunity to see these fun kids!

I was telling Daniel today about dating and he was asking me all these questions about dating afterwards. He's going to have the ladies lining up for him.

Well that's all for today!

Is it bad that I'm more addicted to blogging than Facebook now?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Potty Training...

So my niece is learning how to go "potty like a big kid."

And let me tell you. Not easy. While Lydia and Ronnie are at work, I get the joys of it all.

We give her a sticker every time she goes to the bathroom on the toilet.
We take one away every time she has an "accident."
Once she receives five stickers, she gets a treat.

We try and get her on the toilet every half hour/hour. It usually works. Usually.

Lesson learned from today: Don't take her away from her favorite tv show to go potty. She'll scream hysterically and will refuse to go. Tough lesson. Then afterwards she thinks it's too funny. She's nuts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Computer Smart...

Rant of the day:

I've been staying at Lydia's house to watch her kids and so I can figure stuff out with my life. While I'm here I'm sleeping on the couch in a pitch black living room (the only room without windows). This morning I woke up to start getting ready and hit my leg so hard that it instantly swelled up and bruised. Lovely way to start off the day huh? Can't wait to see what it looks like in a few days.

After feeding the kiddos breakfast, hanging out watching stuff about the Anthony case, and then feeding them lunch I started on Lydia's computer that crashed last week. Well she got her recovery disc yesterday and then it deleted everything off her computer. Even her wireless whatever you call it. So what I did from one in the afternoon to five was sat on the phone trying to figure out how to download drivers, nonsense that will fix your hardware, how to get into the behind the scenes of the computer, how to pretty much rig internet. It was pretty fascinating to see what can be done with a computer but I will not, let me repeat, will NOT get a degree in computers. It's too confusing. Kudos to those who are.

Two things I have learned in my college years: a) I am awful at Chemistry b) computers are a no go for me.

While I was in the middle of the chaos of trying to fix her computer (which by the way, I got the internet back on it, it's just not opening any icons now. I gave up.) Sophia kept coming up to me, grabbing my shoulders and would look at me with a serious face. I would ask her what's up and she would just tell me, "I love you, Mary." She's so cute.

Now I'm sitting here about to fall asleep. I'm exhausted. I'm glad I'm not married with kids. I'm not ready. Give a year or two. :) Nieces and the boy (nephew) are plenty.

As I was getting ready for the day my niece Alexis had some fun watching me and asking me about things while I got ready. It was fun. Boggles my mind that she'll be wearing make up in the next few years. I mean, she's already liking boys. Scary! So I put some lip gloss on her, offered to curl her eyelashes (she thought it was going to hurt so she denied) and did her hair for her.
Isn't she so pretty??

Monday, July 4, 2011

Really? This is annoying.

So again. Change of plans. This time, it's going to stick. How many times I've changed my mind is getting annoying.

I'm not staying in St. George. I'm not going back to Orem. Where am I going? Cedar City. I'm meant to be there. I think of anywhere else and I start stressing out. Mostly about school. I'm still a student at Southern Utah University. I want to be. I will probably live at the Inn across the street from my old house. When I think about Cedar, I get excited and relax.

Yes I have changed my mind an infinite number of times but I think I'm going to stick... scratch that, I'm going to stick with it. No thinking about it.

I still haven't sold my contract so hopefully that happens!

Another update. This time in life I'm getting a little carried away with what I eat. I don't think about what it will do to my body if I eat it. I weighed myself today and lost a whopping eight pounds since last time I checked. Crazy stuff right there. At least I think it's good. I'm going to try and lose thirty pounds. The frustrating thing about all of this weight loss stuff is that I usually only lose inches and not pounds. I'm going to give Weight Watchers a try. What do you think? Should I? I know some of you have done it. Let me know how you like it. If you have any tips, let me know.

Well two posts for you guys to read today. Happy Independence Day to you!

I promise, next place I live, I'll stay there for some time. Thanks for sticking through my life.

It's Independence Day...

So for the Fourth of July weekend, I came to St. George to spend time with Lydia and her family.

On Friday, Sophia had her birthday party. She's three years old. What? What happened to the other two years? She's so cute. She got a lot of toys and had a Bug themed birthday. It turned out really well and Candace made a cute Caterpillar cake (bunt cakes cute in half and stood them up). It was very cute. I wish my camera wouldn't have died. Disappointment.

On Saturday, we went up Cedar Mountain to Ronnie's (brother in law) Grandfathers property. It was so gorgeous up there. Once again, camera was dead. Before I go move on to more important things, I'm going to give you some useless information I learned that day from my intelligent because-she's older sister. I learned what a bluff was, a knoll, a marsh, and learned that the Aspen trees at Fish Lake is the biggest living organism in the world. I also learned about different wildflowers. Yes, the only reason she knows these things (as her kids would say) is because she's older and they know everything. Pft whatever. Anyway, we kept seeing meadows. Like you would see in The Sound of Music. I wanted to frolic in them. With all the yellow, purple, and white flowers. People who frolic are cool, right? Well sad to say, I didn't frolic at all. Once you got up close it was all lumpy. There were Mole tracks. Gross. Then Ronnie told us that we needed to entertain ourselves because we would be there for some time. So what did three adults do? We pretended that the ground was lava and the only way we would live is if we balanced on the dead Aspen trees that fell. After losing limbs from the lava burning them off, we decided that we had nine lives. We started off at five years old, and ended up graduating to fifteen. Yeah, we sure did entertain ourselves. It was actually really fun. We all deserve to be five years old sometimes. Try it out.

Sunday I went to Church with Lydia and her family. It was interesting. A lot different from the LDS Church, that's for sure. After Church we came back and ate some dinner and then went to see Transformers 3. In 3D. It was phenomenal. If you guys haven't gone to see it, please treat yourselves to it and GO. If you don't know who Geniel Perkins is ignore this. If you do, you can't tell me that one of the girls on it (forgot her name) looks JUST like her.
She didn't wear the glasses during the movie but afterwards, I put them on her and this is what she did. Isn't she so cute? I think she is. You think whatever but you don't have a soul if you think otherwise.

Today is Independence Day. I'm so grateful for the people in other lands, fighting for us, so we can be in our land and live in freedom. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be where we're at today. Tonight, we're going to light fireworks and just hang out. At least I think that's the plan. Along with everything else, Sophia is learning how to go "pee-pee in the potty." Today I told her that every time she went to the bathroom IN the toilet, she would get a sticker. If she gets five stickers, she'll get a treat. If she has an accident, she gets a sticker taken away. Hopefully it works.

Well there is my weekend. Is anyone else doing (or already have done) anything fun?

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Last Time...

So before I had back down to St. Geezy, I told Jessica that we had to go on one last adventure before we left the big city. She agreed. We then made our way to Salt Lake. What's there to do there? Oh you know, go to the best place ever. The Salt Lake Temple. I don't know how long we were there but we were there for quite a bit.

Here you go. Enjoy a few pictures:

How fun huh? Just what I needed to end such a stressful life up here. Don't get me wrong, the experience up here was great. I really figured things out about myself up here and that's a good thing. I'm really excited to see if St. George if for me. I sure hope so. I'm sick of moving.

When we got back, we went to wal mart to get nail polish remover because Jessica accidentally got nail polish on the wall. Don't ask. So we got some and then saw pastel nail polish. Jessica's obsessed. Go here and you'll believe me. You know, follow her if you would please. She's a great blogger (she needs to get back in habit though. ahem.).

Yay for pastels! Don't think I pull the whole bright color off though. We'll see how long it lasts.

So my lovely friend Chelsea is like the best blog ever. You know those people who get famous for their blogs and it turns into a career? Yeah, well she's going to be one of those people. Then I'm going to be privileged because I know her personally. Well anyway, she blogged about the Do's and Don'ts of summer. I'm really jealous of people with long hair. I miss mine so much. I am very fond of my red hair now but I want the length back and I'm not going to get extensions. Not only are they costly (and what poor college student can afford that?) but I can't pull them off. I've never tried but I have an idea. I want to be able to braid my hair again. Her blog was showing way cute braids. I love the fishtail side pony. So much.

Like this. I want my long hair back. Now.

Well anyway, it is three o'clock in the a.m and I need to wake up early to get the show on the road.

Next stop. St George.

So long, Orem. It's been real. It's been fun. But sorry, it hasn't been real fun. Yeah, I'm funny sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Have a great day.