Friday, October 28, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

I think we all came to realization that Pinterest is soo much more cooler than Facebook. I'm not joking. I get on Pinterest more then I get on Facebook.

They have so many great ideas! I have seen so many things that I will be doing to my house when me and the future hubby settle down and buy one. Oh boy. It's like an endless magazine with anything you can imagine!

I know I already blogged about this, but I want to know some things you have found on Pinterest that you are absolutely in love with. So? Share!

Pinned Image
This is the obsession. I don't think I would
ever leave my bathroom. 
Oh! Almost forgot. My friend Amanda is great at what she does. She does nails. She would love to do yours, too. I went back today and wanted fall but fun colors.

This is what I chose to do:

Brown with teal! How fun huh?

closer view
Go here for her information! And while you're there, book an appointment if your little heart desires so.

Have a wonderful Friday night! Be safe, please. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Along with every question you could think of, to be a missionary, you have to go get a dental and physical exam.

From my title, I went to the Dentist today. I wasn't expecting to be called by them. I wasn't supposed to go in until the 29th of November. Needless to say, I went in.

Want to know what they found? It's awful  sad. Yes... well, and awful I guess. Ten cavities. Are you disgusted that I shared that with you? Well I have gingivitis which makes me hate flossing. So do I floss? Absolutely not. My dentist nearly threw the floss at me and introduced us.

What I learned today is that I need to floss everyday. Twice a day. Oh man, this is a big step. I thought that's what mouthwash was for. Guess not.

Oh and I might have to get my upper left wisdom tooth pulled. I told Shannon Sorensen to pray about pulling it. Look at me. I'm already telling people to pray for big decisions in their lives.

I'll let you guys know how this goes. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow, all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No judgment

What a weekend. It was relaxing/fun! 

Friday night, my roommates and I decided to invite a couple friends over and carve pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins. Although, in the moment, I get really frustrated with how it looks. 


Saturday I slept in until eleven. Yes, eleven. Pure bliss. I wanted to sleep in longer, and I know I could have but I decided to catch up on America's Next Top Model. Judging? Yeah, just wait. 

Around five, Jessica and I went out to Lund to take pictures. We were going to take maternity pictures of Jennifer but she was too busy. If you haven't been out to Lund, it's a must. It's a little run down town that's super freaky at night. Yeah, forget the haunted hospital and scary movies-- go to Lund. Plus, it's a great place to take pictures. If you go, let me know!

If you know Jessica and I at all, you know that we always have something happen to us. Needless to say, something happened. Later on we were driving in her car and went back out that way and ended getting a blown tire. Funniest part of it was we were listening to Justin Bieber U Smile and dancing. "U smile I smi... uh what just happened?"

Maybe it was a sign.

This is where you all are going to judge. We barley made it to Paranormal Activity 3 on time. Holy cow, scariest movies. I wish I would have seen myself react to those movies. 

"Why are we here, why are we here {covering my eyes)?"
Jess: "I don't know..."
"Are you watching?"

Then you would open your eyes and BAMB! Uncalled for. Then I came home, put pictures on Facebook and went to bed. 

Then, today. What a wonderful Sabbath day. It talked directly to me (polar opposite of what I was doing the night prior--oops). I went over to Lindsay Brito's parents house (Bishop Garner) for dinner. Oh it was delicious. Lisa Garner is the best! I should be doing my homework right now but nah, I will blog for you instead.

Here are some pictures:
Lyndsey, Eric, Jared and Lindsay (part of the group) ready
to carve away!

Jared's friend (i forgot her name), Lindsay, Erin, Jared, and
myself. Hard at work!

A couple of the pumpkins after we finished. Mine is on the right.

I loved this window! 

The houses are so old. Creepy but pretty.

Ohh yeahhh.

I was obsessed with this tree.

Then this had to happen. Oh boy. Never a dull moment with you,

Waiting for help to arrive!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm already looking forward to this coming up weekend. Aubs and Kenz are coming down :) and hopefully Melissa can make it!

Monday, October 17, 2011


After much blog stalking and photography envying, I decided to download the newest version of Gimp and try to Photoshop some of my own pictures.

I'm still figuring out the features it has so this is my pride and joy until my roommate, Sam(photography major), comes home  to show me her ways.

This is my favorite picture I edited. Maybe I love it so much because it's my first actual photo-shopped picture. So think what you want and I'll do the same. K cool.

The contrast of color is my favorite part! I'm proud. 
I'm going blog happy and you guys. It's a four day weekend with nothing but leisure time so this is what you get. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I did it

I did it. Everyone has been talking about Pinterest and I didn't understand what was so great about it. Then all my friends started talking about it so I had Jessica send me an invite.

I love it.

These are a few favorite things I have seen so far. Let me remind you, I've only had this since this morning. Such brilliant ideas. It's going to make me a better domestic mother/wife one day.

Pinned Image
This is exactly what I want for a day like today.
Somewhere where I can isolate myself and read
a nice book.
Pinned Image
It's just so cozy and cute! When I have a cabin, this is what
I'm shooting for.

Pinned Image
My hair definitely wont do this but my roommates
would be perfect for this.
What have you found on Pinterest that you absolutely love? I want to know!


Today has been a very eventful day. Why I'm still awake is beyond my knowledge. If this doesn't make sense it's because I should have waited till I was more lucid to write it.

Whose sister drives to Cedar to pick her car-less sister up just to turn back around and go back to St. George? My sister, Candace. I really should get a car. It was fun to spend an hour with her and catch up with each others lives though. So I wont complain. She's crazy busy with three jobs. 

When I got to St. George I went to go visit my Grandpa at his new apartment. He's so stinkin' cute! He's looking significantly better since he's been cared for down there. He loves it where he's at. 

Afterwards, we went to wal-mart (Me, Lydia and the ragamuffins) to go grocery shopping, went home and had lunch, then off to the Staheli Corn Maze for Lexy's birthday party. .It was a load of fun! We were there for about two hours. There was a petting zoo, live music, playground for the kids, and a hay ride over to the corn maze. When we were in the corn maze we got pretty lost so we stayed pretty close by the exit. We got in corn fights and scared each other. 

We gathered the kids together and went over to Basila's Cafe for my Grandpa's 88th birthday dinner. It's hard finding good Greek restaurants that compare to the Greek Easter/family reunions that I've been raised going to. Not tonight. The food was so good. The lamb was a little tough but that's okay. It made me miss my big fat Greek family. 

Well here are some pictures I took throughout the day (go check out my Facebook for all of the cute pictures).

My beautiful sister, Lydia!
Sadie Lee


I'm oddly obsessed with this picture.
I think it's the colors. 

She's cute, right?
This is sort of creepy to me but, again, I'm quite obsessed
with it.

She's just too cute!
She loved that swing.

One of my favorite pictures I have ever taken

Greek Salad is delicious 
Yup, that was my day. I love my family.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come Unto Christ

"By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have come unto Him yourself. If you want to be near Him, to feel His peace, you can do it best in His service."  -Henry B. Eyring 

This, friends, is why I want to go on a mission. To become a witness to the truthfulness the Gospel has to offer us. To stand and serve the Lord; share the message as He would if He was here. 

Since I have chosen to serve a mission Satan is working me. I keep thinking negative thoughts. Even Aubrie called me Negative Nancy (she was right). I kept taking everything and turning it into negativity. Looking at everything I have learned in my classes this semester that are quite sad and thinking since I fell into the statistic of parents divorce, I'll be the worst mom, my kids wont have a father because I'll settle for less. I keep thinking I'm going to be the worst missionary because I don't know anything. Being home makes me think, this is how it could be the rest of my life. I have no Hope. 

I have always had strong Faith. So I thought. Till Sister Myers (Aubrie) told me, without Faith there is no Hope. Without Hope, there is no Faith. Ouch. My outlook on Hope is so much bigger now. 

I cannot wait to go share this Gospel with those who I meet. I have HOPE for what the Lord has put in store for me. I asked myself earlier, "what was I thinking in pre-life? Thinking I would be able to go through everything." Again, Aubrie said, because you knew the end. Pretty much I better be just as good as Aubrie was on her mission.

I have Hope and Faith in all things. It's a challenge but I need to pray and come unto Christ. If I do that, the Holy Ghost will give me all that He has promised me. Without the Holy Ghost, I can't have Hope or Faith. 

So therefore, I'm going to take what I learn in my classes and make sure I don't settle for less (find a guy that will honor his priesthood, wont look and treat me like a worldly possession, and will take me through the Temple), show my children the unconditional love that every child deserves to feel, and will be the best missionary I can become through the experience and trails I have overcome.  

You learn everyday. This is what I learned today. It may not make sense, but there you have it. 

He loves me and He loves you, too.
Come Unto Christ
Pray for Faith and Hope in all things. 

[This is the talk I got the quote from. Read it. Promise, it'll help no matter what situation you're in.]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been listening to these two songs on repeat.

Obsessed is an understatement.

 This cover is spectacular! Trust me. If you listen to it, you wont want to stop.

This song is depressing but eh who cares. I still love it.

Well, everyone, have a wonderful Wednesday! Enjoy these songs would ya?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Step five: Endure to the End

Months went by and my sisters still weren't talking to me (except Jennifer). I prayed every night that they would start talking to me. This too shall pass. When? I started losing faith that they would talk to me. I started looking into my future trying to figure out how I could live without them. I stopped praying for their understanding.

In May of 2008 I was graduating. I wanted my family to be there to watch me receive my diploma and to yell for me that I actually did it. They indeed were there to watch me receive my diploma but I felt they weren't there for me. They were there for Jennifer. At least they saw it, right?

Before I graduated, I felt like my friends weren't accepting of my choice to get baptized. I kept thinking that thought. Why did I do this? It's ruining everything. I feel like I'm losing my friends, my family, I still haven't met my niece Sophia, and I haven't yet figured out what I want to do with my life.

During the summer I had a good talk with my friend Bonnie. She's also a convert to the Church. I was asking her how she did it. How she drastically changed her life; she told me that it was drastic but it was all worth it.

That night I realized I wasn't reading my scriptures as much. I wasn't praying after I lost hope with my sisters. What Bonnie said popped in my head, it was [is] all worth it. I got down on my knees where I knew Heavenly Father heard me the best. I cried to Him that night for comfort, for courage, and for strength to overcome what I was going through. After I prayed, I turned to a scripture one of the sister missionaries showed me (Sister Holly Beck) and it read: "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst they brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." After reading that scripture I realized that not only do I need faith and hope in the Lord, I need to have patience in His timetable for me.

The following Christmas, I finally met my niece and talked with my sisters. A few months after that I started talking to my sisters more and grew stronger relationships with them.

Years have come and gone and I have faced many trials. I have lost friends but I have gained many great ones in return, I have been used by someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I have faced financial burdens, and school hasn't been the easiest. I, however, have kept faith in His timetable for me. He's my compass. He knows me better.

The last four years have been the toughest but yet rewarding time of my life. I received the precious gift of the companionship of the Holy Ghost, I know that His Son is there for me. I wouldn't change my decision for anything or anyone. If I had to, I would go back and do everything over again.

I have gained such faith and knowledge the He is fully aware of me and that He loves me. In conference Uchtdorf said, "Compared to God we are nothing, But to God we are everything."

This Church is what brought me true happiness in life. It was that missing puzzle piece I was searching for for 17 years. I found His path.

Now what am I going to do? I'm filling my mission papers out and handing them in at the end of November 2011. I'm going on a mission! I'm going out to serve the Lord and bring His children back to the path that will lead them to eternity of happiness. I know it's going to be the best and worst 18 months but I know, again, that He is aware of me. He knows where I need to go.

He loves me and I love Him. People need that knowledge in their lives.

"Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life." 3 Nephi 15:9

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Step four: Receiving the Holy Ghost

After my baptism I came home to a get together in honor of my baptism. The Elders were there, people from the ward, family (Christina and Shannon), and friends.

As I was getting food, I walked by a chair that had a blanket and a picture frame of Jesus Christ. My blanket had my name and baptism date embroidered on it; it would symbolize the Comforter. My picture said the famous quote, "The way may be hard at times, but I will always be there." I let that sink in and said a quick prayer of gratitude towards the love of the Lord.

I had to wait till Sunday to get confirmed in Sacrament. Saturday was a good day but I was so anxious to just be confirmed. It was my mothers birthday that (that's why I got baptized on Friday-- didn't think she would be too happy if I got baptized on her birthday) day so I went over to my Grandparents house and had a birthday dinner with her and the family. My mom and I were talking more and more. She still wasn't happy with me not going home that one night but she was starting to looked passed it.

That night I couldn't sleep. It was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Even worse. I kept Alyssa up most the night so I wouldn't have to go through it alone. However, I think she was probably just as excited.

After getting the few hours of sleep that I got, I woke up and got ready. I, again, was so anxious. One more step and I'm an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wanted to just get confirmed.

Sitting in the congregation, I was so excited. This is the beginning of a new life. The Bishop got up and said there was ward business that needed to take care of. People were released and thanked for their service, some were called and sustained to serve in their calling, then they called me up to get confirmed along with Ron, Elder Trubey, Elder Carver, Rob (a good friend from work), and whoever else was involved. I sat on that chair. This is it. They all got in a circle and laid their hands on my head. I closed my eyes.

After my amazing confirmation, I got up and hugged Ron and so badly wanted to hug the Elders. Afterwards, I went to sit back down in my seat. I was beaming with happiness. I'm now on the path of the Lord. I will return to Him one day. 

Throughout sacrament, every talk that was given that day was speaking directly to me. He is so aware of me.

After a few weeks, I felt Satan so strong in my life. Why did I get baptized? Being a non-member is so much easier. I couldn't find respect for myself. My family still wasn't talking to me and I was going through rough patches with friends and school. This too shall pass. 

The Holy Ghost works in perfect unity with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, fulfilling several roles to help us live righteously and receive the blessings of the Gospel.