Monday, August 29, 2011

A little something

A few friends of mine have been asking how I am and what's new. Not just that they ask, "what's new? No blog post latley." Is that an indication that people are actually reading my blog? This is good.

Well I have been a little distant lately so I decided I would upload some pictures on what's been going on in my life.

(left to right): I would always make Aubs drive up the mountain for a little getaway. We stopped on the side of the road and took some pictures. On Sunday, my roommate Samantha and I went to pick up Lindsay in Nephi. The last picture is my wonderful roommate Erin. Look at the face.
(left to right): My new hair color. Woot woot girls night is the best. That is Coralee- she's an inspiration. She makes me want to run! She ran so much with the worst cold. Go her! The last picture is a bunch of us girls from our ward last semester. I'm sad our ward got split (Kjersti, Samantha, Erin, Myself, Shaye, and Geneil).

Hot, right? I thought so.

Well there you guys go. Those are pictures that I have accumulated over the last couple of days. Enjoy.

P.s. My blog is currently under maintenance. I don't know how to make it cute. Is someone really good at making them cute? Please let me know.

Friday, August 26, 2011

First week

How has everyone liked their first week of school? Mine was hectic and busy. That's how it is though. Every semester. I have been seeing status' and reading blogs about saying it's their last first day of school. Envious is what I am. However, 3 semesters isn't far at all.

I'll just give you insight on my classes. If you don't care to move on and read about how awesome my major is, you don't have to. No obligations here.

- Fathering; scholarship and intervention: I'm so excited for this class. You may be wondering why I'm taking a Fathering class. Well first of all, it's because I have to. It's a class informing us on why we need Fathers in class.

- Sociology. You don't need explanation. I'm already her favorite student in class. Fairly confident about that one.

- Divorce and Remarriage: The statistics to this is actually really sad. It's my only class on Tuesday and Thursday so it's sad to only hear about Divorce and "Consumer Marriage" for an hour and a half.

- Then my favorite, Family Problems and Mediation: This is my night class. 3 hours long. Long class but oh man I love the instructor. He's great. He's an actual therapist in the field so it's really interesting to hear what he has to say on stuff like this.

- Of course I'm taking an institute class. It's about President Monson. I forgot what the actual title is called though. Oops. I've been once and I enjoy it so far. Sadly, I start really strong for the first month or so then for some reason I stop. I've only successfully accomplished one class.

That's my school schedule. I'm so excited. I love my major and can't wait for my career in this field. I don't care what people say.

How 'bout this rain? I love it.
Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.

I promise I'll post pictures soon. I haven't had time to really play with my camera. The software is confusing so I'm trying to figure out how to put the pictures on my computer. ha ha. So stay tuned for those.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Such good news.

Remember when I was trying to sale my contract from Wolverine Crossing?

Well it's now official. I'M OUT OF THE CONTRACT.

It was the best thing I have heard all week.

P.s. I got my hair done today. I really like the red I chose. Pictures to come. Also, I hope everyone's classes aren't a pain and your schedule aren't hectic. I already have two chapters to read and a twenty page article. And it begins.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer? Where'd you go?

School starts tomorrow.

You ready?

I am. Except the load of laundry I need to do. I think my roommates and I all waited for the last minute possible. Bad idea for all of us.

Well, good luck fellow students going to school tomorrow.

There are a lot of Freshman out there tonight looking for their classes. Glad I'm not a Freshman. Three more semesters, baby!

That's all.

Goodnight and best of luck this semester.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I had my Lia Sophia party tonight. It was really a lot of fun. It turned out better than I thought it was going to.

It was especially good to see Lydia's old friend Stacey and her sister Holly (who I've been friends with for some time now)! Well and of course my sisters were there so it was fun.

You know what else happened today? I got myself a new camera and I love it. Now I can post pointless pictures up on my blog for you to all look at. With my new camera I took a few pictures from the party.

The theme was chocolate so I had to:

Welcome to the Lia Sophia Party:

This is my favorite picture. This is what Lydia has accumulated over the passed couple of months being a Lia Sophia Advisor:

Well friends, that's all for today.

I love my new camera.
I love my sisters.
I love Jewelry.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's so hot!

Right now I am currently in the library blogging. Would you like to know why? Well confession first: I didn't want to come to the library because I had to take care of some business. Then once I got here I decided to stay. My room at my house is 89 degrees. Yeah, so when I came to the library and felt the blessing of a/c I decided I would blog here as well. Good choice I made there.

I didn't know what I was going to blog about so I decided to play around with my blog and then stalk some.

After a little coveting over the cuteness of other blogs I thought I would share with you the blogs that I love to stalk (I'll only share a few. I love all of the ones I follow but I'll share a few of my top favorites). I find myself going so far back before I started "following" them so I could just read more of it. Creepy? Eh get over it.

- First blog I would like to share with you is my lovely friend Chelsea T. I have blogged about her before. If you want a good blog to read, go to her blog. She talks about everything. I think that's why I enjoy it so much. It's also very entertaining. My favorite post, by far, is this one. Go read it for a good laugh. Why I find is so hilarious is beyond me. Just go read it.

- Tenia's blog. She just told me a couple days ago that my blog was very entertaining. That probably makes me the happiest. I always wonder if people think it's annoying. So sometimes I drift away for a bit before I explode with thoughts and ideas on what I can blog about. Anyway, back to this lovely. I have been friends with her since I was about 7. I can brag and say she was my best friend back then. Lots of memories with her. She's a phenomenal photographer and I am barley a follower. I have been looking at her photography for some time today. Tenia, you need to take some pictures of me.

- Kaylie's blog. I don't even know where to start. I love it. She talks about the greatest things. She's so in touch with the spirit and knows she is greatly blessed. She isn't afraid to share with us what she believes in. We weren't the greatest friends in high school but I'm getting to know her and stalking her blog let's me get to know her even better. The blogosphere is a great place. Thanks for sharing with us everything that you do. Some of your blog posts remind me of who I am and makes me realized to keep my head up.

- This blog is spontaneous. You never know what Jessica will blog about. That's why it's so great. Every time I see her sharing her blog on Facebook, I get so excited to read what she has to share with us today. Jessica has been my best friend since Junior year of High School. So we go pretty far back. I love her and I love reading her blog because I get to see what's going on with her down in Washington and I'm still learning things about her. It's perfect.

- The reason I love this blog so much is because it's my big sister Lydia's. I get to see the updates of her and her family. I miss them so much. I need to purchase a vehicle so I can go see them. She's such a fun writer and I can just hear her telling the story. Maybe it's because she's my big sister. But seriously, go check it out. You can see my adorable nieces and nephew while you're at it.

I ought to go back home now. The heat is killing me though. I can't wait for fall.

p.s. seriously go check those blogs out. You will thank me later.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pink or Blue?

A few nights ago Jennifer asked me if I wanted to go the the Doctor's with her on Tuesday to find out the sex of the baby. I of course agreed on going!

Well today was Tuesday. I woke up and got ready thinking I would be done with everything right on time. Apparently I was so excited that I did everything faster than expected. Instead of me sitting around on my butt I had her come get me before she got ready.

We were all so excited to see if it's pink or blue!

As you can tell:

After this picture, we left as quick as we could. When we got there we sat down and what seemed, well at least to me, like seconds later, the nurse walked through, "Jennifer." Jennifer stood up so fast I didn't even notice. John was right behind her. I thought for a moment I would be waiting out in the waiting room the whole time. Every time that door opened I would whip my head around to see if it was them. After a few teases, John came out and said I could go in the room when they found out.

My twin sister is pregnant, guys, how could I NOT be there for this? Well I got to be there.

We had to go back in the waiting room for another short moment and then got to go back.

Okay, for those who have never been in a room with all the ultrasound equipment... uh holy cow. It was like a candy store to me. I just wanted to start playing around with everything. Well before I could, the nurse came in.

This is it... boy or girl? It has to be a girl. That's the luck. No, it's a boy. Has to be.

The baby knew exactly what to do.

First image we see:

It's a small picture but let's say what the nurse said, "That is not an umbilical cord."
"Oh," John said not so excited, "Wait. OH!"
"Congratulations, it is a boy." Callie (the nurse) assured.

What am I doing when John and Jenn are kissing, crying, laughing? I'm sitting in the corner sobbing. My twin sister is having a BABY BOY! I'm going to have another nephew. My built in best friend is going to be a Mommy. Shout out to John, you are going to be a wonderful Daddy to Oliver/Jude (names they're thinking of). Jennifer couldn't have been luckier. P.s you two, the name Oliver Jude is growing on me. Oliver Jude Young. Yeah? Yeah.

This is the next picture they got. The 3D is gnarly. Yes, I used the word gnarly. Dont' judge.
Do you see his little arm? His head? His cute skinny body? They finally can say "him/he" not "it."

Well, to make this a shorter blog, we all did a victory dance outside in the waiting room. They got what they wanted. Yay!

Immediately, they went to Wal-Mart to get him an outfit. Jennifer nicknamed him (when he was still unknown) Lil Monkey. So I'm assuming that's why she wants it to be a monkey theme. Or she just likes them. I don't know.

While we were on our way to the Devil's home (wal-mart) want to know the song John blasted to Jennifer? Glee version of (You're) Having My Baby. Oh man it was pretty great. He was belting that out.

After seeing a bunch of people and telling them the news, they got back to the baby section and got the little guy an outfit.

Congratulations Jenn and John. I love you both! Can't wait for February 4th.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wait... what?

School starts too soon. I keep saying how excited I am to start and how this semester is going to be the best semester yet. Which all of that is so true but I don't want all my time succored away into late hours of studying, meeting up with fellow students to make presentations, and trying so hard to do my best so I don't let my teachers down. Are you guys looking forward to the Fall semester?

My summer has been quite consuming; trying my hardest to get things aligned up North. I wish it would have gone smoother but oh boy have I learned a lot about myself. It's all about the climb right?

Here is how my summer went:

Hello employment. It's going to be fun working with you.

After a month of working there, I loved it at the beginning then I started to hate it. So much I didn't want to go. Therefore, I didn't. After a couple dreadful weeks I found another job.

Hello employment (again):

Well that lasted a whole two weeks. I loved it but was not a fan of Orem.

Jessica and I started talking. "Why are we still in Orem? We both hate it," Jessica texts me at three in the morning. Reply to that (at three in the morning), "Come in my room." So she came in my room and we talked for a good hour or so on what we should do.

In conclusion:

Knock knock. Hey Lydia (who lives in Washington), thanks for letting us live with you while we figure stuff out.

Also, thanks for the opportunity to spend time with these little bundles of joy. They are getting so big so fast. It was good to spend that time with them.

I decided to come back to Cedar (mostly for school- I love SUU) while Jessica decided to stay down in Washington.

Good luck in Washington, Jessica! I miss you incredibly bad.

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

Are you guys ready for school to start? What are your plans for the coming up Fall?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tree House

Every kid wants a tree house built in their backyard, right? I know I did. Especially after watching Now And Then. I didn't really mind what it really looked like. As long as it had four walls and a roof. As I got older the desire I once had for a tree house started fading.

That has now changed. I don't only want an expected tree house; the four walls and a roof, I want a legitimate tree house. My sister Jennifer has this book in her book shelf of these awe-inspiring tree houses. People put their all into these houses. They are indeed tree houses. Better yet, they have plumbing, lighting, a/c, full bedrooms, the best bathrooms I have ever seen and more. Jennifer and John (my brother in law) want one as well. I don't think they really know how serious I am about building one with them. I'll build by own (hire someone else to build it. me? build a tree house? not happening) but I'll also have a getaway one that's attached to hers.

Anyway, enough of the blab. You want to see pictures right?

Well here you go:

You want one now. Right? There are so many pictures. Just Google Tree Houses. You'll get plenty.

Anyone want to start a tree house community?

Craft of the day...

First off, school is about to start. I need more exciting things happening in my life. Starting tonight I'm planning on doing at least a few fun things before the long hours of studying adopt my life away. Don't worry, I'll certainly blog about them.

My roommate Lindsay and I have been wanting to do crafts. She wanted so badly to do something to spice up my walls. I had a cute picture frame up but for some reason everything fell one night while Erin and I were sleeping and we haven't put anything back up. I passively told Lindsay no. I need time to think of what I want. She gave some cute ideas. I'm still pondering though.

Well instead of finding something for my neglected wall, we settled down and chose to tie dye! Yeah, it was my first official time of doing it. I'm so proud of the shirts I made (and sports bra. Holla!). However, after the whole process of rinsing until it runs clear resulted my hands to turning blue. I look like I'm turning into an offensive smurf! That's alright though.

So I took a couple pictures while I was tie dying but didn't get any of me because Lindsay's hands were occupied with colorful excitement and I'm not so great at taking pictures of me without seeing the side that has the frame on it.

This is the starting of the fun:
This is Lindsay (my new roommate by the way!) making her shirt:
We rinsed them till the water ran clear, washed them in the washing machine and now they're at the last step of the whole process; drying! We made some for our friends, too. Tomorrow I'm going to the Lake (sand hollow)! Again. Well I made a shirt for Aubrie so we're going to be sporting the look at the Lake tomorrow. Then Linds is going to Lake Powell for a week with her two friends and made them shirts. So they will also (I'm assuming) be having a sport-your-tie-dye day.

Soon to be pictures. I'm not making promises though. For the millionth time; I have a ghetto white trash camera that's been close to its dirt nap. I just gave up on it.

Have a happy weekend with whatever you end up doing.

P.s. Thanks Hannah for the fun night at your cabin!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

21 things

In celebration, for my 21st Birthday, I'm going to let you guys in on 21 random facts about me. First off, let's just talk about what I did for my birthday.

-I went to Denny's with my twin sister for breakfast. I love having a twin. It's fun to celebrate your birthday with someone else! We always call each other at mid night. We always have, and always will. Even if we're 90.

- I went to Sand Hollow. It was super fun. Everyone thought I was crazy for not getting in the water though. You'll see why I didn't in my list of 21 things. Just wait.

- I had a BBQ with some friends. It was really fun just having people over and to socialize. My roommates and I (plus Aubrie, minus Erin) took Dr. Pepper shots. Get it?

- Aubrie brought over her projector and we watched a movie in my front yard. Couldn't tell ya anything about the movie though. I feel asleep. Apparently I was snoring and talking in my sleep. I don't snore!

Alright, here's the 21 things you probably don't care to know about me, but I'll tell you anyway:

1. I love goldfish crackers. I'm not using the word love lightly either. I could eat them all day everyday.
2. I never want to have blonde hair ever again. I love the red.
3. I have a fear of bridges. Especially ones over water.
4. I have ever a bigger fear of deep bodies of water. Hence the reason I didn't get in the water yesterday at the lake.
5. I don't know how to swim. Which is a goal I have to learn in the next year because I told Aubs she could push me in the water whenever she wanted after I turned 22 (deal I made because I wasn't getting in the water).
6. I have indeed ate a lambs eye ball. Just gotta swallow it whole. No other way of doing it.
7. Along with my goldfish addiction, I'm addicted to candy. I'm not ashamed of either one of those addictions. It's better than crack or some illicit drug, right? That's what I thought.
8. I'm a convert to the LDS Church (a lot of you already know it but it's one of my favorite facts about myself).
9. I'm very gullible.
10. I'm now more addicted to blog stalking than Facebook stalking (still do my fair share stalking via The Book though).
11. I'll make the best wife.
12. I'm a Family Life and Human Development major with emphasis on Family Services. I want to be some type of child advocate and therapist.
13. I'm a Utes fan all the way.
14. My favorite book is the Book of Mormon.
15. I hate the words Epic and Legit. When I use them, I cringe and feel like I sinned. They are just so over used.
16. I want to live in Cedar as long as I can. If I get married and my husband needs to leave for schooling or work, I'll do it. That's the only reason I would want to go.
17. Two of my worst pet peeves are loud walkers and thieves. You know those people that walk super loud? Like you can hear them upstairs or when you're on the same floor and you can hear them from the other side of the house? I hate that. I don't thieves. Especially when it's the most stupidest thing ever. It's still mine. Bitter much? Maybe.
18. I'm Greek. And proud of it.
19. I love my name; Marycatherine. So if you'd like, you can call me that. I love Mary and do not mind it one bit but I LOVE Marycatherine. Feel free to use whatever.
20. I love cooking. I love watching cooking shows. My all time favorite is Masterchef! Best judges. "Now that is just ghetto fabulous."
21. Smiling is probably one of my favorite things. Makes your day go smoother and a simple smile makes people happy. I know it makes my day go better.

Well there you go, friends.

p.s. School starts so soon. How do you guys feel about that?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making choices

I wish someone would make all my choices for me. I sometimes think it would be so much easier. I'm being put to a test. Once I think I'm finally getting a break, something hits me hard. I've been faced with a decision to make. I don't like it. I need to figure myself out. I need to stop justifying. I need to focus.

I can't sleep. This has been a part of my life for quite some time now. What am I supposed to do? Just give it up? Let it go? I can't. It's that simple. I've learned so much; I've been hurt, healed, I've been happy, and sad.

But... what's best for me? I know what's best for me. I just can't get around to admit it.

Then on top of this, one of my best friends isn't talking to me. I need her support and advice. She's doing her own thing and I respect that but I didn't think one little thing would put a hold on our friendship. Quite frankly, I hate it. I miss her and, again, need her support and advice; friendship. Can't fix everything I guess...

There are so many choices in life; whether to serve a mission, what to study, choice of vocation, who to hang out with, who to let go, who to keep in life. Why does it have to be so tough?

It's our Heavenly Father's plan. I'm so grateful for Prayer-- that's He's listening.

[sorry for no pictures. I hate my camera. Therefore, no pictures.]

Monday, August 1, 2011

No regrets.

You know, people come and go. It's the saddest thing about life I think. You make relationships with your family, friends, potential partners but sometimes life throws you a curve ball out of nowhere and they up and leave.

This has happened to me the last month or so. I'm slowly losing relationships that I've had for sometime now. For years to be exact. They slowly slip out of my hands and I have no way of re-gripping those. I have to step back and ask myself, did I do anything to lose that grip?

I guess the point of this post today is that I have stepped back. I have asked myself that question. However, I am not going to beat myself over the things I have done. I make mistakes. I make dumb mistakes. I have trust issues. I have noticed that I rely on people way too much. I don't like playing games when, well sadly said, that's life. A constant battle of games. I have independent issues. I don't think that's so much of a flaw though. I have just realized these things though. I don't regret anything that I have done in my past leading me to where I'm at today. Right now. I do things for myself with the help of people. I wont be a "lonely lady" for the rest of my life. I have things to offer. People rely on me, too. I'm going to be a better friend to people.

Nothing compares, no worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made.
- Adele

I hope you all know that you can't be perfect. As much as you want to be, you simply can't. That's the purpose of our lives; make mistakes. Learn and appreciate them. They make you who you are.