Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chirping Birds

I'm sorry for blogging every night.
It's easier to write on this then to write in my journal for some reason [plus, I'm truly addicted now].

So it seems life is so stressful all the time. Today though, I realized how truly blessed I am. So, I'm going to share with you guys a list of things I'm grateful for.
1. The Gospel. Where would I be without it? I think about that often. The Church and the Atonement really makes me push myself to do better; knowing it's not easy but oh man, it's so worth it :)
2. The Book of Mormon. I'm so close by being done for the first time. I'm in the Chapter where thousands of people are dying in Mormon. It's truly sad but it's such a great testimony builder to always be righteous. Those people didn't know they were going to die but they did their hardest to be the best of who they could be. I think if we do that, God will know our state; he'll judge us at judgment day and will praise us for a job well done. The Book of Mormon has truly served an anchor in my life.
3. My roommates. I'm not kidding. They are always there for me. Although we all have our bad days and not always feel good, there is not one day I don't laugh with them. I love you Jessica and Aubrie.
4. My sisters. Lydia is probably the only one who will read this. Seriously though! Each one of them have their own uniques traits about them. Lydia: She was practically my mother when I was growing up. She still is. I ALWAYS go to her for advice. I love you big little sis :) Candace: She's a great listener. She also gives great advice. Every time I'm on the phone with her, I always lose track of time. Jennifer: Oh my wonderful whomb-mate. She's great. I love her. She's literally my other half. I would die without her.
5. The beautiful scenery we see everyday. Cheesy, yes, I know. The mountains that we live so close to, the beautiful sunsets [cedar has the BEST], sunrises, green grass, blue skies. I would like to add to this list; chirping birds in the morning. That's one of my all time favorite things to wake up to in the morning.

I'm sorry I always end up doing a sappy blog but today I've came to realize that I'm truly blessed with all that has been going on in my life. I'm grateful for the people in my life that makes all these wonderful things actually happen.

Now, I'm going to go watch some Grey's Anatomy :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


SPRING fever that is.

You know those days that you want to spend the whole day outside, beg your professor to lecture out on the grass, wear a dress in celebration of the wind not blowing franticly for once because it's so prefect outside?
Yeah, that's my definition of Spring Fever.
Can school just be over? Apparently not hence the five weeks of school that are left.

Okay so here are a few things that have been on my mind in the last oh 3.2 seconds:
1. I can't wait to be working. I haven't had a job in forever. It'll be good to finally save up money, buy a car that I've been trying to get. Be able to pay rent without pinching every single penny I have.
2. Refer to up above. I want school to be OVER.
3. I have a thought on my mind. It's a secret. I can't wait to share with everyone. Only two of the eleven that are following me know this secret. Yay!
4. I want the next person that lives in this house to take care of my home [so many memories in this house-- it'll always be considered a home].
5. I REALLY want this dress. Look familiar? All you Gleek's out there. Yeah, Quinn wears it in the Halo/Walking On Sunshine mash-up.
Cute right?
I think with these shoes. Yeah [exact outfit from Glee-- don't judge].
I'll get it one day.

Well that's all for the coveting ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes, two blog posts in one night [sorry if they are so boring to you guys].

I find blogging as a way to get things off your chest, out in the open, sharing with others.
So, I have been having bizarre dreams lately and I want to know what they mean.
Do you guys find dreaming fascinating? I do.
So I started researching about the symbolism of dreaming. I found some interesting ones!
Here are a few:

Being chased:Unresolved circumstances, situation, emotions plaguing you. Can be real fear of being pursued by someone or something.
Baby: Good luck or fortune.
Rain: You are trying to overcome an emotional issue with someone or something.
Spider: Little annoying or irritating things that are left undone. Can be a fear of gossipy things said about you - or the consequences of gossip you engaged in regarding someone else.
Alley: a restricted or confining situation that you have to traverse on your journey. Limited options.

Those are the ones I found interesting and the ones that have been in my dreams. It's crazy how people know this. I think it would be so fun to study dreams. Dr. Oz did a show on dreaming and I didn't want to go to class because I was so intrigued.
There was one with an Elephant and they said it meant that you would be receiving a gift. I don't care about the gift, I just want to dream about an Elephant [even though they sort of scare me].

Well, off to bed. Hope I dream about more things so I can digest them and figure out what they are trying to tell me :)


So in the last post I'm talking about how much I love my house. I do, don't get me wrong.
But... I think my house is haunted.

The weirdest things happen. It's not even funny.
1. Lights being on when we made sure they are off.
2. Weird noises.
3. Doors opening on their own (windows shut so no draft)
Yeah, the list goes on but I don't want to sound schizophrenic.

We have had the house blessed by our home teachers so we're safe.
It's still scary!

The fact that our landlord left the door open downstairs did not help!
Imagine walking downstairs to do laundry and the door leading to the other apartment is off the hinges. Yeah, complete freak out.
We put the door on that night [after we took a sneak peek at it].

It'll be nice to know if something scary happens, we'll have neighbors on all sides of us in the apartments we're going to live in. Which by the way, we got accepted to live in.

I hope you all don't think I'm crazy! Ask Jessica. She has been first witness of all of it, too!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Like A Ton of Bricks

So today after Jessica and I came home from Visiting Teaching we started to clean our house. As I was cleaning it really hit hard that I was going to be moving here in 4 weeks. That means that I have to start packing in 2-3 weeks.

I've lived in this house for almost two years. Two years in August to be exact. It's my home. Everything in it is mine. Not borrowed. Mine. You all may be thinking that I'm being a baby but it really is sad. I'm going to be that little girl in the back of the car waving bye to the house in the back window. Literally.

I've made it my own.

However, I have been greatly blessed to be able to actually keep a house this long as a college student. I was blessed with a wonderful ward that I'll miss so much, an amazing Landlord, and great neighbors. I can't forget to mention the perfect location.

I'm really happy with the choice I made by going up to Provo and it will be a new beginning for me. I can't keep myself here in Cedar my entire life by listening to what others have to say. It's my life and we only live it once. So what better way; I already have a job and an apartment. Plus, all my credits I've taken here at SUU will indeed transfer over to UVU.
I'm excited to see where my life will lead me when I'm up there. The apartments we're (if I haven't mentioned both Jess and I are going) going to be moving in-- which I've already blogged about-- have a lot of social things: BBQ's, pool parties, dances, movie nights, etc. It will be nice to meet new people. It feels as if I know everyone here in Cedar.

Don't worry, I'll be back quite often visiting and seeing family and friends. I know I'll have a lot of skype dates with my sisters! Especially with Lydia so I can see the kids.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wish it was longer

Hello family and friends!
Let's just start off by saying, Spring Break is always too short.
I wish it was a lot longer.
Did anyone do anything fun?

I did.
My sister and her husband invited me along to go to Colorado with them.
Nice? Yes, I thought so.

Tuesday night Jessica and I decided to try out Zumba for the first time. I loved it. I'm going back tomorrow to do it. Yay!

Wednesday morning, we woke up at six (well I did-- Lydia didn't wake up till 7. She's a slacker. Love ya sis) and had to go get the rent-a-car. We almost made it to the Air Port in time for them to tell us they didn't have a mini van for us. So... we went to a different rental place that they told us to go and got a snazzy SUV. We were out of St. George by 9 o'clock. We drove for hours to get there. The scenery going through Arizona and Utah was gorgeous though. I've never seen that part of Utah before.
Thursday morning, we, once again, woke up early to hit the road. This time we were headed to Mesa Verda. I had never been so I was soo stoked to see the Indian ruins . Seriously, they were amazing. They dated clear back to 1200.
I forgot my camera at the Hotel while we were at Mesa Verda so
I didn't get many pictures. After a couple of hours of looking at all the historical sites, we went into the gift shop/museum type of thing. It was really cool. We got to actually go down to one of the houses and look around. The house we saw had SO many rooms! I wish they would have let us go in the clear back of the cave-- sadly enough though, we couldn't. However, I went into a Kiva! That was pretty awesome I thought. We ate a lunch (well sort of hahaha) then headed back to Cortez.

Friday we went to Durango, Colorado and went on a Train! It was my first time on a train so I was up the night before tossing and turning for most of the night. We got to Durango and went to the Train Station and waited till it was boarding. After about thirty minutes, we were on the Train! ALL ABOARD! It was exciting, I tell you what.
It was a pretty nice ride up to Silverton. It took about five hours round trip. I think it was worth it. The scenery around that was awesome, too.

Saturday, we went through Moab to see Arches National Park. It was phenomenal. I got to see the arch that's on the Utah license plate. Woot woot. Did anyone else know that one of the arches collapsed a couple years ago? Yeah, I didn't until Lydia told me. Well after that we drove all the way back home. We were lucky and had a driver that beat the storm. Goo Ronnie.

Alright, I am done boring you all with my lame stories about my Spring Break!
Welcome back to reality!
Only six more weeks of school left (only? yeah right.)!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ya ready?

Well, here comes the reasoning behind why I went up North today. You know when you have something that you are so excited about but you don't want to say anything in case it doesn't work out in your favor? Well that is exactly why I didn't want to say anything in the last post. BUT I did get the job I had an interview for. Yes! How exciting huh (if you read my facebook, you'll probably already know that I got the job via the status update)?

Jessica and I were so nervous! We didn't think we would get the job. We left in the afternoon time on Sunday and headed up to Provo. We got there and just sat there wondering what we could do. We went and got dinner and then went to the swimming pool. I'm getting better at swimming. Let's just say if I started panicking, I would survive now.

You're probably wondering where I got a job at. It's a job as a Date Entry Rep at Vivint (known as APX). I'm so excited. Being there for just one night was way fun!
Then my friend Cortney suggested some apartments that were furnished, super nice, and a free deposit. So Jessica and I went to go take a look:
Way nice huh? :) I'm excited.

I'll be back in the Fall to go to school. At least that's the plan as of right now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stay Tuned

Just thought I would update my blog.
I'm sorry my posts are always so boring but it's kind of relaxing to just get things off your mind and inform everyone on what's new in life.

Well first of all, this morning I woke up (supposed to wake up-- pulled an all nighter) at 4:30 in the morning so I could get ready for family pictures that started at 7:15 in Springdale. I got "sun kissed" on my cheeks. As much as I hate getting sunburned I'm glad it's warm enough to get a little sun.
My cousin John came down from Salt Lake to take our family pictures. I'm glad we acted now-- my grandfather is getting pretty old and we wanted to get pictures with him as soon as we could. Today was a perfect day.

Tomorrow after Church, I'm going up North to Provo with Jessica (this is where you stay tuned). It's a surprise on why we're going up there. I'll let you know in my next post or two on what it is.

THEN, on Tuesday night I'm going to Zumba for my first time with Lydia (my big sister) and Jessica. Who does Zumba? I want to know what you think about it! After a long night, I'll go back to Lydia's then wake up bright an early on Wednesday to go to Colorado!

Well those are just a few ramblings about what's going on in my life right now and some things that are on my mind.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Spring Break. Now, go play outside. It's nice. Let's take advantage of this weather while we have it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

change of plans.

Change of plans.
No more Houston, TX for me anymore.
I'm really bummed about it but we got told that there were a bunch of jobs with the business up north in Provo, so instead, Jessica and I applied for that.
I hope we get it!
The reason we aren't going is a long story. Just let me tell you: I'm kicking myself in the butt for listening to other people.

On the other hand, I'm super excited for Spring Break!
And who knew it was mid-terms? I sure didn't!

If I didn't mention what I'm doing yet for Spring Break I'm going to Colorado! I've never been so I'm way excited. Hopefully it's not too cold.I want to know; what are you guys doing?? I know some of you guys are probably doing something fun.

Well good luck on mid-terms!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Summer Plans.

I'm going to Houston, TX! A new friend of mine (met her in class this semester) was telling me she was going to Iowa this summer to sell alarm for Vivint, which you all are probably familiar with the name APX. I was thinking how nice it would be to get away from Utah for a few months and get to know new people so I started looking into it. I found out it was a really good way to save up money and people who tried it out loved it. It's hard work and you have to have a lot of dedication but I think I will enjoy it. I'm a hard worker and, hey, I talk a lot so I think I'll be pretty good at it. So today Jess and I went to talk to our Manager, Jerron, and got into the system. We leave on May 3rd. We're driving there (wish us luck!!!) so we have transportation when we're there and not working.

I'm super excited to get this opportunity and get to know new people. I have a few friends that are going and I'm super excited to get to know them better :)

The apartments we're staying in are SOOO nice. I was expected to just have a typical little 2 bedroom apartment but when I called to get into the system they told us about the apartments. Seriously, look, they are so nice.

Well, I'm super excited and it sounds like a lot of people have fun plans for the summer.