Thursday, September 29, 2011

Step Three: Baptism

They want me to get baptized? Are they crazy? It's only been four months since I have been taking the lessons. "Just pray about it Mary. God will say yes." Very funny Elder Carver.

It's a big commitment. I always thought I was going to get baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. I knew it was the right thing though.

What did I do? I prayed. What did God say? Yes.

How was I going to tell my family? At this time, my sisters weren't really talking to me (except Jennifer). It was the worst thing ever. Not having your sisters that literally raised you in every aspect just cut all ties and not talk to me.

The missionaries came over with eager attitudes waiting for my yes or no answer. "So...?" My response, "Well my parents know I've been going to Church and I'm sure my sisters do... but yes. I'll get baptized (again, not direct quote)." They told me that since I was seventeen I would have to get parents permission. Well, looks like I wont be getting baptized soon. They gave me the papers.

I went over to my mom's house and asked her if she could sign my papers. She wasn't really happy with the decision at the time because I acted so suddenly about it; I didn't think it through. I just left the paper with her and told her to bring it to Top Spot (where I was working at the time) when she decided to sign them. That night, she came and not so nicely gave them to me. Well at least she signed them, right?

A few days later the missionaries came over and I gave them the papers. Next question: when do you want to get baptized? Hmm. I have not one clue. I decided on my Birthday. What better gift to get than to get baptized. Needless to say, it didn't work out. There were things that needed figuring out. I ended up choosing November 9, 2007.

The days went by so fast. I started inviting my teachers. Without fail, every single teacher I invited (minus Annie) asked, "Aren't you already LDS?" Nope. As the days got closer, I started double thinking everything. Should I really be doing this? WHY am I doing this? I can still back out. I told Elder Carver and Elder Trubey that I was feeling this way. They kept telling me it was Satan. Back of homeboy.

November 9, 2007 was here. Most nerve raking day of my life believe it or not. I was so scared towards the littlest things. What if I let go when I go back in the water? Ron (Alyssa's dad-- the amazing man who baptized me) made me practice in the living room before we left to the Church.

Got dressed, braided my hair, wore little to no make up (for crying reasons), then left to the Church.

I had the best people involved in my program. I couldn't have been happier. Once I got there, I heard the baptismal font filling up. This is real. This time... no turning back. Elder Carver and Elder Trubey found me and were so excited. "You showed up (p.s. two funniest Elders anyone could ever ask for)!"

People kept piling in. We had to get more seats. Finally, an older lady came out and asked if I would go with her so I could get my baptism suit.

After I changed, I went out and sat by Ron and listened to the talk on Baptism. Afterwards, I made my way into the water (funny side note: there was a shortage in the pipes or something so the water level was very low-- and I'm tall) and got baptized.

The feeling after coming out of that water. It was that feeling I've been feeling for so long. The last puzzle piece was found and placed perfectly. I was truly happy. I was clean.

After I got changed and sitting back down I listened to the talk about the Holy Ghost. I couldn't stop smiling. I have made the right choice.

I was clean. I was one step away from fully following God's path.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Step two: Repentance

Elder Carver and Elder Trubey wasn't going to give up on me. What can I say to get out of it this week? That only lasted about two weeks though. I enjoyed when the missionaries came over. I instantly had two best friends that would come over whenever I needed them to-- the true happiness they brought through loving something so strong was something I admired most about them.

I didn't know much about the "Mormon" Church so I asked them if we can start from square one. What they believed in. Why they thought it was the true Church.

I had a problem towards the Temple. Why couldn't I go in? Was I looked down on by not being Mormon? The missionaries always had the right answer to all of my questions. I couldn't argue against anything-- they always had applicable answers to my questions.

They asked me to pray. I don't know how to pray. Who do I pray for? What do I pray for? They simply said (not direct quote), "You talk to your Heavenly Father." Hmm I could do that-- it's not that hard. I felt awkward when I first prayed. It was something unfamiliar that I never experienced before. That feeling came back again when I knelt down and starting "talking" to God. I didn't stop praying though. I just let Him know that I was new at praying; I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know why I was doing all of this. Rachel's saying popped up into my head, "things always happen for a reason." I don't know why I suddenly thought of that but it really calmed me down.

The next appointment I had with the Elders was about me praying and what I felt. I told them about that feeling I have had when thinking about Church and while attending. They broke out into the biggest smiles. Did I say something wrong? They replied, "that's the Spirit Mary." The Spirit? What did they mean by that?

That day they discussed with me that I needed to pray about the truth of the Church. Okay. They said that I need to forgive myself and ask for forgiveness to those things that I may have done that wasn't acceptable with the Church; drinking, smoking, etc. Things that contaminated the word of God. Okay. 

The lesson that stood out most was the Atonement. I had no knowledge on this either, so they told me an easy way to understand. The Atonement is offered to us Children of God to return back to our Heavenly Father. Through our Agency (our right to choose) we might choose the wrong. But no worries, the Atonement fixes everything. The Lord wants us to know that there is always a way back.

I again prayed that night. This time I felt comfortable with it; I had something I can pray about. I prayed that I would feel the Atonement work in my life.

While I was going through the lessons I had family issues evolve. I soon didn't go back home. I moved in with the Lowe's (Alyssa and her family). My sisters got angry and stopped talking to me, my mom and dad were angry with me, and I felt like no one understood where I was coming from. Although I had support from Rachel and Annie, the Lowe's, and the missionaries, I have never felt so alone in my entire life.

But I was never alone. I soon learned thar Jesus Christ bled for my sins (my trials) he has felt exactly everything that I have gone through. I soon started gaining more faith-- remember? The first step?-- that all of this was happening for a reason. Why was I given this trial? 

I wasn't depressed-- you would think I would be. I was content. I wasn't out of the world happy and I wasn't depressed. Shouldn't I be depressed? The missionaries saw my progress. They taught me everything I needed to hear. Everything was fitting into place. Just like that missing puzzle piece.

They asked me if I would get baptized.

Repentance: The Greek word of which this is the translation denotes a change of mind. Example; a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Step: Faith.

Throughout high school I always had the same friends. Jennifer, Jessica and Morgan. It was always us four-- no one really came in our little group or no one left. They were the best support system in every situation possible. I also had a friend that I would always talk to about almost anything; Rachel Aiken. We never really hung out at school or outside of school but I knew she was always there for me to talk to. I wasn't raised a religious person. I was raised with the ethnicity of being Greek-- which means I was always convinced I would get baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. Every time I would go talk to Rachel, she would never bring up her religion but she would always bring up Faith and how she knew everything works out for a reason. Even if I would talk to her about a boy that I have been wasting my time on but knowing he was the only one who understood me to my family problems and their choices that ultimately damaged me and my sisters lives. She would always reassure me that things work out for a reason; trials are what make you the strongest and help you realize what you can do. 

Being a junior and not knowing who I was becoming terrified me. My parents were never really there for me, I didn't know how to talk to my friends about my problems, and I was afraid my sisters would think I was being a baby. I was lost. I soon grew a strong relationship with my adviser from school; Annie Draper. One morning I remember I went to school early. I would always go visit her (yes, I was one of those annoying students) when I went early. She was always so welcoming and was (still is) such a good listener. I have never been so open to talk about my struggles. One afternoon, I was having family issues, I didn't know what to do. I, once again, was lost. I went to her classroom after school to talk to her and she handed me a book. It read The Book of Mormon. I was stunned at first, why would she give me this? She told me that I have mentioned I felt lost. She assured me that this simple book would help me find my way. I took it and put it in my backpack. No way I'm reading that. 

A few months later, I remember I got in a fight with my parents. I locked myself in my room and started cleaning. I was going through my desk and came across The Book of Mormon I received months prior. I locked the door and opened it to a random page. I read it for a few minutes before slamming it shut thinking what am I doing? 

Roughly, about six months later, I moved in with my Grandma. My mom and step dad needed time apart apparently. My mom reacted in a way that hurt me more than anything (I'm choosing not to go into detail about this). We got in a huge fight that left me devastated. 

While I was doing my nightly "Myspacing" I came across my friend Alyssa. I haven't talked to her in forever so I decided to add her. We were best friends in Elementary school and then living on different sides of the city, she went to Cedar High and I went to Canyon View. So we drifted apart. To my surprise, she accepted right away. We just started talking and getting caught up on each other's lives. We were best friends immediately. We swapped phone numbers and the next day she asked me if I would want to come to the Parade of Homes with her and her family. At first, anti social Mary, I was nervous. I accepted the invite though. We were inseparable. We would stay up night after night just talking into such depth about our lives and what we have both gone through. After about three weeks, she invited me to go to Mutual with her. Her, too? What's up with these Mormons? Again, I accepted. It wasn't bad. We just went to Dairy Queen and had Ice Cream. It was fun. After that, she kept asking if I would want to go to Young Women's with her on Sunday. Immediately, I rejected this invited. My family would not approve of this. 

After many attempts, I agreed on going. But only to Young Women's. No more. The lesson was on bringing your non member friends to Church. Did someone pay this teacher to teach on this subject? I felt this comforting feeling. Nothing I have ever felt before. Peace? True happiness? Acceptance? I didn't know. But I liked it. 

I don't have to tell my family I'm going to Church, right? I gave in and went to Sacrament and Sunday school. I felt that feeling again. What was it? 

Elder Malcom and Elder German came up and introduced themselves. "We're missionaries through the Church. Would you mind if we came and got to know you sometime this week?" Uh oh. I replied, "Sure."

They came over like they said. Only for a few minutes though. Hmm that was interesting. They would rarely come over and when they did it was only for a few minutes. Then one day, two other missionaries came. Elder Carver and Elder Trubey. That feeling came back again that I felt in Church when I was talking to them. Needless to say, I started taking the Missionary Discussions.  

Faith (bible dictionary): Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true. 

Busy weekend

Before I start sharing my conversion story with you all, (since I'm assuming after texts and some comments, it's a game plan) I'm going to let you know what my weekend was all about.

I went to Lydia's house after I finished classes on Friday. First thing I did was take pictures of this little one's outfits. She's a character.

My full of life niece, Sopha loaf
I ran my first 5k. It's not much but hey, I did it!
I had to put my number up to show I did it. Next month: Breast
Cancer Awareness. If anyone is interested, let me know.

We look sooo good after the race. Ha who am I kidding. We look awful.
Please take notice to Lydia's hand. I don't know why she's doing that (her left hand).
After we got home, we had an hour to get ready and go to Daniel's Birthday party. Which you can read here (my sisters blog-- she doesn't blog much but she needs more followers. It'll probably get her to blog more.).

She's such a cute baby. Well, kid. She's getting so big.

Me, Lydia, and Candace. Only missing my twin Jennifer.
She wasn't there when we took this picture. I love this
picture so much though.

Me and Kaylene; aka Jumbo!

Daniel starting to open his presents!

Isn't he such a stud? I love him. 

My niece Sadie. Pretty cool picture, huh?
Well that was my weekend! Are you so proud that I went through on running the 5k? I am. Then I was running around with crazy seven year old children. What a weekend.

Next post; starting to blog about my conversion story. Bear with me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tonight I had that night class that I've talked about-- Family Problems and Mediation.

I realized how much the Gospel has truly saved my life. I had a good life, dont' get me wrong, before I joined the Church. I had supportive sisters, I had amazing friends but something was always missing. Peace? Joy? Purpose?

My question to you guys; would you like to hear about my conversion story in segments? It's quite the story but I would love to share it with you guys if you're interested in hearing it. A couple of my "followers" have heard some party of it (Kaylie and Chelsea) but I want to know if that's acceptable. I know I shouldn't ask for permission because it is my blog after all but I don't want to bore you all to death with my story.

If you're stumbling across my blog and don't know what Church I'm talking about take a look here. If you have questions, take a look at the website. You will thank me later.

So feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, all!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

el número dos

One of my goals is to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon and then a full marathon.

Well, Lydia insisted to sign me up for a 5k this weekend. Am I ready? No flippin' way. Did she ask me if I wanted to? Nope. I guess it's a good motivation to start working my butt off for it. Then we're going to do a full Marathon on March 10, 2012. Maybe a half. We haven't discussed that part yet. I feel like I can train myself for a full by March 10th. What do you think? Lydia, maybe you should just sign me up for it so I make myself train. Oh, and when you wake up, no Angry Birds. Okay? She's slightly obsessed, guys. 

This, friends, is how it all begins:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's

Cardio for 30-45 minutes with heart rate at 135-138. I need to get one of those bracelets that help with balance because for some reason, I can't keep my balance on a treadmill. 

Tuesday's and Thursday's

20 minutes of cardio on treadmill with heart rate at 135-138
Leg extension- quads
Leg flexion- hamstrings 
Leg press- quads
glute hamraises- hamstrings
calves presses- calves 

All which is 2 sets of 15 reps (10-20 second break between each rep)

This is all so I can do this:

Well, I oughta go get some sleep so I can wake up and start training. 

p.s. the reason the title of this post is "el número dos" is because this is my second attempt to train for all of this and I thought number two sounded stupid so I put it in Spanish.

No voice

This weekend had to be one of the best weekends I have had in the longest time.

At the beginning of the week my friend Emily asked me if I was going to Tyler Ward's concert on Friday September 16, 2011. I had no idea he was even coming. After much research, I found out he really was coming. Tyler Ward come to Southern Utah University. In Cedar City? Oh yes. I then text Jessica and Aubrie and told them they better head to SUU for Tyler Ward's performance. Without hesitation, they came. Me and Jessica had a goal that we would get a picture with him. Oh I got a lot more than a picture with him.

Friday morning he had a sound check. Yeah, I was paparazzi status on him. After sitting there for a minute, I realized his whole crew was there. That means Tyler Ward, Alex G, Jess Moskaluke, and Eppic!!

My roommates and a few of our friends headed over to the Upper Quad around eight. There was tons of delicious free food, tons of entertainment, and some pretty exciting announcements. After hanging out and running into a bunch of friends, we decided to work our way over to the stage Tyler would be performing at. We weren't settling less than front and center. What did we get? Front and center. While we were waiting for them to set up, there was the sweetest firework show; good job SUU!

Finally. Best part of the night. Tyler Ward and his crew got on stage and started performing. Needless to say, Cedar's weather put a damper on things. It started down pouring on us (I personally loved it)! The rain didn't stop them but then the lightening did. They had to end the concert after about six songs. Oh and Eppic let me sing in his mic! Want to hear something embarrassing? I didn't know the lyrics "black and yellow, black and yellow." I was too nervous.

After the show, Tyler actually came down to see the rest of the people who actually stayed. We waited patiently... eh who am I kidding? I couldn't be patient! We stayed around for a long time though. I got a picture with Tyler and I was kissing his cheek. Check out my profile picture (it's also my computer's background)! Then for some reason everyone went all silent.

Me: "Tyler, do you have a girlfriend?"
Tyler: "No."
Me: "Do you want to make me a true t-bird and kiss me on the cheek (respect yo!)?"
Tyler: "Yeah!" *smooootch"

Right on the cheek baby. Am I a true t-bird? Yes, thanks to Tyler Ward. You jealous people out there, don't say it doesn't count because we didn't "lock lips." You're just jealous it didn't happen to you.

Then we took pictures with Eppic. Uh can you say sweetheart? He is seriously so insanely nice. You think these guys would be hiding out from all us crazy fans but nope, they all came out loving us!

Then Jess and Alex G just talked to us. I was so nervous I didn't know what I was saying. It's weird to watch them on YouTube and know I've hugged all of them and kissed one of them ;). Alex G couldn't perform her favorite song so she rapped the part in Super Bass for us privately.

Then we headed home and I bragged (still am) about my experience!

Well here are some pictures:

Daniel, Lyndsey, Lindsay, Tanner, Samantha, Me, Jessica, and Aubs

me and jess sporting our glow sticks

Yeah, I got a picture with The President. Woot woot. 

Excellent Firework show!

That's right. They're looking right at me. 

Couldn't ask for a better group to go with :)

He kept saying, "you guys are ridiculous." No we aren't. ha

ooo OOO!

We literally couldn't have gotten any closer. 

Who's that kissing Tyler? Oh yup. That's me.

Me, Eric, and Tyler. 

That smile of his. Bieber Fever doesn't even compare. MMM!

Aubs, Me, EPPIC, Jess and Eric. Eppic is such a sweetheart.

Jessica Moskaluke, Me, Jessica, and Alex G!
That night changed my life. I have one less thing on my bucket list now. It was awesome. Go, SUU! You guys did a great job. 

How 'bout those t-birds! We kicked some trash tonight at football. After SUU's game, Aubs and I got dinner and went and watched the Utes vs. BYU game. It's a shame for those Cougars. They didn't stand a chance. Go UTES!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. My voice is shot. I have been screaming way too much this weekend. It was totally worth it though. 

Goodnight, all. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On Wednesday's nights, I take out 2-3 hours (matters what topic we discuss) out of my schedule to go to my Family Problems and Mediation class. This has showed me different patients I will run into when I'm a therapist. So far we have learned about people who have dealt with sexual abuse, self mutilation, and eating disorders. While we lecture and discuss about these situations people run in to, we talk about different types of degrees we can get and how much education is required for what. Well today I think I have figured out (as of right now, I've changed a bunch of times) what kind of therapy I want to do. 

Here's the plan, kids:

3 more semesters then I'll have my Bachelor's Degree. In meantime, I'm exploring my options for Graduate Schools. So excited for this by the way. No big deal. Attend Graduate School for two years and get my MSW (Master's in Social Work) and then get a specialty in Substance Abuse. Aww yeah! That's the new part of the plan. One of my biggest goals in life is to get my Ph.D so I can do research. We'll see if that actually happens. So, we're looking at five more years of schooling. That's not bad! I'll be 26 with my Ph.D if I just keep going at it without any breaks. 

"Oh hey, Dr. White (hopefully the last name changes)!"
Hey!! You ready to start your session? You can come back now. 

Total side note. If you didn't see my minor freak out.--okay let's be honest--major freak out on Facebook, Tyler Ward is coming to perform on Friday night for SUU's homecoming week. Am I going? Yes. Does it start at 10 and I'm going at 8 to get front and center seats? Yes. Will I get a picture with him? You bet your bottom dollar I will (hopefully)! Jessica and I are his biggest fans in Southern Utah. Guaranteed! 

Bahh! They're setting up the stages and everything
for Friday night. There will be a whole post dedicated
to him. 
 Now I'm going to go listen to some Tyler Ward to get me even more pumped up. Have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bucket List

A couple days ago I realized that I was almost to a hundred posts... I'm now at a hundred posts. In celebration I'm going to share with you my bucket list. I wish it was 100 so it would be cool but I only have a bucket list of 50. 

No specific order:

1. Travel to Greece
2. Be a true T-Bird
3. Move somewhere exotic for the summer
4. Meet Sharon Osbourne
5. Go to New York on New Year's Eve
6. Serve a full-time mission with my husband
7. Kiss in a library [no judging]
8. Be able to sing at a public event
9.Have 5 children [doesn't matter the gender]
10. Own a house one day
11. Own a car
12. Get married 
13. Run a half marathon
14. Run a full marathon
15. See Tyler Ward perform live 
16. Go on a cross country road trip
17. Receive my bachelor degree
18. Receive my masters degree
19. Go to an NFL game
20. Go to a Temple Dedication 
21. Meet the president of the United States
22.Sky Diving [although I'm terrified of heights] 
23. Visit all seven wonders: 
24.Visit all National Parks in America
25. Have something dedicated in my name
26. Change someone's life for the best
27. Beat a world record
28. Read the Book of Mormon in a month 
29. Go to the Rome Temple
30. Marry the next person I kiss
31. Walk where Jesus Christ walked: Jerusalem [stole this one from my roommate] 
32. Do humanitarian work in a third world country 
33. Do everything on my bucket list
34. Go to Niagara Falls
35. Have my own practice 
36. Go to general conference 
37. Go gambling 
38. Go to a Broadway show
39. Stand on a bridge without freaking out for five minutes
40. Go to Italy with my twin on our 50th birthday
41. Meet an apostle or prophet
42. Run a community service project and it turn out successful 
43. Have everyone like me. Sounds stupid, but I don't like when people hate me. 
44. Learn how to swim
45.Learn how to play the guitar
46.Write a song
47. Learn and forgive everyone that has hurt me in my life
48. Take my nieces and nephew and a trip when they're older
49.Learn how to play the piano
50.Have a 4.0 throughout at least a semester [i've been so close!]

So I have 48 to go! Some of them are kind of out there but they WILL happen. I'm sure all the traveling will be after I retire but that's alright.

I hope you enjoyed my bucket list. Happy 100th post to me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out of control

Tomorrow my whole world is going to change.... for the best. I'm going on a food plan that my roommate Lyndsey made for me [and Lindsay]. Also, I'm waking up at 6:00 every morning to go work out. Tomorrow agenda: go to all classes and get gym membership and maybe do some homework. 

I love working out. I really do. But it's so much easier to be lazy. Do you not agree?

This whole weight situation is getting out of control. All of my roommates are doing a food plan; just tweaked differently for each of us. 

So, here, I'm going to show you what I'll be eating everyday. I'm actually excited. It's all the stuff I like so I'll be fine. 

8:30 Breakfast:
1 cup cheerios
1/2 cup of 1% milk
1 apple
3 egg whites or 1 whole egg  and 1 egg white

11:00 Snack #1:
Kroger Carbmaster yogurt 
Rice cakes- serving size on the bag

1:00 or 2:00 Lunch:
2 pieces of whole wheat bread (stay under 200 calories)
2.5 oz turkey low sodium or lean
1 orange

5:00 Snack #2:
Special k bar

7:30 Dinner:
4 oz chicken
2 cups of vegetables 
1/2 cup brown rice

Plus a lot of water. Like so much you should have a water bottle next to you at all times. Oh and snack 1 and 2 can be switched because breakfast is such a big meal. 

The weight isn't going to shed off right away but that's okay. Losing it slowly is a lot healthier and stays off. I'm excited to start this. Motivation from all your roommates is a great way to start and keep it up. 

If you want to try it, you should! 

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow, or if you want to get technical with times; today, you all know, is the tenth year Anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

 I remember exactly where I was. When the first tower got hit, I was standing at the end of my mothers bed saying Goodbye before I hopped on the bus. I thought it was an accident at first thinking the plane was having a malfunction. Then when I got to school-- I was in Mrs. Hunt's sixth grade class-- chaos was all over the news. The second building got hit. This is not an accident.

I remember that is all we did that day; watched the news on this tragedy. We were sent home with confusion on what just had happened. When I first got home, I went straight to my mom and she explained to me just what the teachers and principle did that day.

I remember ever since that day, we have had a moment of silence for those who were killed in that horrific historical mark in today's history.

I got a People's Magazine the other day and it had stories from children who have lost their father's in the attack that day. I read countless of times, "My dad is my hero," "I send him balloons on his birthday every year with the words, 'I love you.'" "I'm proud to be part of history and know my Dad's a hero."

For some reason, this year it really hit me hard to see those nine/ten year old's be so strong. To be proud for what happened; having their Father's be true hero's.

I'm so grateful for those who are fighting over seas this day for this beautiful country we live in. I'm grateful for those servicemen and women who died on September 11, 2001 to try and save those who were afflicted.

My brother in law just lost his best friend a few days ago. We might not know what happened, or why it happened, but we can be grateful for the great friend he was to his friends and family. Rest in peace, Daniel. God be with you.

I hope we can all look back and be grateful for what we have and for what those people did that day.

Goodnight, all.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My cute little nook

I'm only one craft away from having my room (my side) finished! I'm not sure what I want to do yet. Suggestions? I want it to match everything. I'm thinking about getting an Eiffel Tower picture in black and white. I'm super excited about my magnet board though. It turned out way cute. It's better than the one at Harmony Homes that was sixty bucks. Thanks, but no thanks. I went to Wal-Mart, got a super cheap picture frame then Home Depot for some metal. Thanks, Vern from the tools section who served in the Air Force for twenty years from Maine. It looks great. I know who to go to for my arts and crafts now.

I have to make this picture a tad bigger so you can see
everything. Cute? Or am I blind?
I guess all the pictures will be bigger. This is the magnet
board. Vern bent some parts of it but that's alright. It'll
be covered soon.

Here are the random pictures of the day-- my roommates at their best:

Miss Blotter eating her cereal while she does her
homework; I'm proud.
This is Erin Hatton everyone. See the black thing
I'm pointing at? Well yeah, that's her butt. She's praying.
And clearly, I didn't know what to think about it. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Full of domesticity

Today is Labor Day! What did you do? I didn't go to the parade this year. I either heard it was forever long but good, or it was missing things but still good. Hmm I wish I would have gone now. Instead, I slept in from the lack of sleep from writing a billion papers already, baked Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars, and did a cute craft for my wall. It's not done yet. I still want to get a magnet board and pin the pictures to the bottom of the board. It looks cute in my mind but we'll see how it turns out (i'll post pictures when I do it).

These were a hit at Family Home Evening.
(click here for the recipe)

Like I said, this is temporary 

Okay. Can you imagine these pinned to the bottom
of a magnet board? 

Okay, here are two random photos for you. 

Brother Staheli let us get our share of his veggies. Mmm! 
After reading scriptures last night I wanted to mess around
with my camera. So this is what you got. 
I'm hoping everyone had a good 3 day weekend. Have a good week in school this week... err or whatever you have going on. 

Well said

I'm sure you all know by now that I love music. That is how I relate to my emotions at the time. Right now I am fed up with non-communicating, mind playing jerks. Yes. Men. This isn't a pity post. I'm fully aware that one day, according to God's timetable with me, the right one will come "sweep me off my feet." It's hard in the moment. It's hard when you see the one you gave your whole heart to move on so quickly; like what you had meant absolutely nothing. Not only have I gone through this, I have close friends going through this. It's a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you thought your whole life was revolving around this someone then out of no where, you're dropped. It's nice to know others are going through the same thing. God truly knows who to place in your life.

What am I going to do? I'm going to plan my life according to my own needs. Stop looking around to what others have. Stop being envious towards those perfect relationships. Have knowledge that God will place me in the perfect love when I'm satisfied with His love and His love only. I need to Believe It and Be Satisfied.

Well back to the music point of this post. This is exactly how I feel right now. It's sad but that's okay.

Nicely said, right?

Well that's two posts in one night.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Superb Saturday

Yesterday was a good day I tell you. Aubs and her family decided to go to Yankee Meadows to go 4-wheeling and shooting. What did I decide? I tagged along. It was seriously so much fun. We went 4-wheeling for about 3ish hours round trip. The trail was so pretty. God's a genius. How he thought to put certain things in nature to take our breathe away is beyond me. I'm okay with that though. Did you guys do anything fun so far for the labor day weekend? I know Labor Day isn't until tomorrow but that doesn't matter. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Something fun though. Back on topic: after our joy ride we found a random gravel pit on the side of the road. It was perfect for shooting. You guys wouldn't guess what happened! I shot my first 12 gauge shotgun and hit the clay pigeon the first try. I was so surprised I got it. 

Aubrie and I got so much dirt on our faces! We were definitely the last in the line. 

This is when we were clean. ha

The Myers Family 

Shooting time (do you love our matching shirts?)!
Pretty awesome picture, I think.
Dani joined in on the pictures (Aubrie's little sister).
After the long day at Yankee Meadow's, I came home, got ready and headed right over to the Casino Night at SUU.

Lindsay and Jeremy playing Poker. Notice: Lindsay is winning. 
Lyndsey playing Poker.
Me and Lindsay with her tickets. Yes, I didn't get any. 
Random side note. Today in Relief Society one of the sisters got up to bare her testimony. She said something on the lines of "... we should be hungry and full at the same time; strive to learn and to share what we learn but be satisfied with what we have accomplished." It was a good message and something I needed to hear. So, thank you to the young lady who shared that.

If I end up doing something tomorrow, I'll certainly share it with you guys. Hope you all had a superb Saturday and will have some fun tomorrow as well.

Goodnight, all.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


There has been a lot of random yet exiting stuff happen to me lately. Which I find strange because I have been sitting on my bed or the couch with my nose in a book and typing up papers. Oh boy, am I exhausted.

Anyway, today I went to St. George to get my Lia Sophia Jewelry that I ordered a few week ago. My baby came. I love her so much. The piece is called the Cocktail Hour (don't worry, I'll post a picture).

Then Jennifer got her ring (wedding ring) and her dress today. I don't have a picture of her dress but I certainly have a picture of both her and John's rings together. I love them both.

There she is. Want to fight? Thought so. 

Good match, I think. 

Jennifer's ring. 

This is what you get when I get bored
reading my million books. 
Random side note. Today while I was cleaning my room and organizing everything, I realized I have a lot of stuff. Not useless stuff but stuff I'll use when I get my own place and when I get married. I have a bed, a full living room set; couches and tables, tons of kitchen stuff, decorations, etc It's exciting to see how much stuff is actually mine though. My husband is going to love me for not having to go out and buy tons of stuff. Just a few things here and there. Now where's the guy, right? Nah, just kidding. (I just re-read that paragraph. How many times can one person say "stuff?" This guy (me).).

Well goodnight, all. It's been a long exhausting day. I hope everyone has a superb 3 day weekend.