Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm now Orem bound.
It's still weird to wake up and not be in Cedar.
I live in Orem. Weird.

Well once we got here, we had a couple hours before we went to work so we decided to go to the apartments to get our keys and see where we would be living.
We live in the apartments I talked about here.
I love them! They are so nice.
We got the top floor. Which let me remind you is good and bad.
Top floor is nice because you don't have the annoying people above you constantly making noise.
Top floor stinks because when you need to bring stuff upstairs you are crossing your fingers you didn't leave anything in the car.
Yeah, it took us 2 hours to move our stuff upstairs. Oh joy. On a brighter note; while we were moving our stuff, we had some really nice guys offer help. I asked him when our ward started and got to know a little about the ward. He also invited us to FHE. We politely rejected the offer though since we wanted to get the stuff done!

Before we moved our stuff, though, we went to work. Tomorrow is our last day of training then we have to ride solo. I'm so nervous. Eeek!
We are now in the ICE department. Sounds all important huh? Yeah, it really isn't. haha. It's pretty much just walking customers through how to use their equipment and how to set up their online account so they can get access to their service on their smart phones or computers.
The people that are training us seem really fun! I'm super pumped to work for them! :)

Well, I'll post a few pictures of the apartment:
No specific order.
That's two desks stacked on top of each other! Yeah, I'm smart.
That's our living room before we decorated it. It looks really cute. If you want to see how we did it I guess you just have to come visit :)
This is my bed. Yeah, it's a king!
This was the kitchen before we decorated it. It looks really cute, too.
This is my bathroom! Yay! Yeah, I was expecting that rug to be a lot bigger. Eh that's alright.
This is me.

Well there's a little update.
So far, I'm LOVING Orem and working for Vivint.

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  1. Glad you're liking it up North! I love love your belt!