Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference

Did everyone love General Conference? I sure did. This time, I was able to stay awake through all of the sessions. Taking notes really does help me stay focused on the talks. However, I always love going back and reading them in the Ensign-- I always learn so much more.

Well I'm going to share some insights that I learned. I think it's neat to see General Conference in a different perspective (being endowed and preparing to go on a mission). I learned so much this Conference. I'm so happy!

I have learned this morning that I need to forgive. I always say to myself that I have forgiven a certain person but I feel like it's just words. No meaning behind it. I want to change that. I have people that left me feeling betrayed and hurt. I'm trying to forgive so I go on my mission with the pure love of Christ with no contention in my heart.

"No sacrifice is too great in order to receive the blessings of the Temple." - Dallan H Oaks
This is so true. I have learned to love and appreciate the Temple so much more. It's there for us to go leave the worldly attractions behind and build our relationship with Heavenly Father. Just go. You will get those blessings.

"Don't be overcome by evil, overcome the evil." - Dieter F. Uchtodorf 
Satan is so aware of us. It is so easy to just slip onto his side of the path and stay there. However, it's worth it to stand up and stay upon Heavenly Father's path.

"The prize belongs to him who endures to the end." - Thomas S. Monson
I love the Prophet. I really like how he said this. Living with our loved ones and being with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, will indeed be the ultimate prize.

"He will do for us the things we cannot do for ourselves." - Neil L. Andersen 
This is just purely amazing. I loved this entire talk. It was a great way to end conference.

Those were a few of my favorite quotes from this Conference. I feel like I have learned so much this time. I have opened my heart and mind to what I learned today and am challenging myself to live the words I heard.

What are you guys' favorite highlights from General Conference? Please share!

Follow the Prophet, he knows the way!

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