Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why I'm Mormon :)

Today was one of the most spiritual Sabbath's I have had in along time so I'm going to take this time and tell everyone why I'm happy with the choice I have made by becoming a latter-day saint.

  • The happiness that you feel from being a member of this Church is indescribable! I have never felt so happy in my entire life.
  • Knowing that families can be together forever. If a family member doesn't accept the gift in this life, I know through faith, that I will be with them in my next life.
  • The Book of Mormon. It's the true word of God. Without this marvelous book, I wouldn't be the member that I am, today. It most definitely serves as an anchor in my life.
  • The power of Prayer. I know, according to His will, that our prayers will be answered. Even if it is months down the road.
  • The Prophet. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet of God. That he get's direct revelation from God to guide us through our lives and show us what we can do to return with God and His son Jesus Christ.
  • The lifestyle of the Church. I was once asked, "What if you go to Heaven and find out that the Church isn't true?" Well, I know that it is the true Church. But if that did happen, I would know that I lived a good life and I wouldn't have changed it for the life of me.
  • Temples. The house of the Lord. Where you can leave the world and worries behind you as you enter the doors of the most holy place on earth. Where you can make ordinances with our Father in Heaven.

This Church, honestly, makes complete sense to me. Everything I learn about it just fits in perfectly and has the most explainable reasons.

That is why I'm a Mormon :)

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