Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Break!

A whole month off from school! Just what everyone needed (I think everyone would agree, too!).

The last day of school was a great day! One of my best friends got home from her mission!! Me and a few of her friends met up and went to the airport to welcome her home. Oh man, the last 18 months feel like nothing now that she's home. Seems like she never left :)
Well we hung out a bunch that week and that Friday we (Jessica, Aubs and I) went to pick up a friend she met on her mission, Ethan! We left Friday night and spent the night a
t Aubs' aunts house-- played games and just sat around with her family. It was fun. Then Saturday morning, we went to the airport to pick up Ethan. Afterwards we went right to the Las Vegas strip. It was a blast. I got to see the new addition. It was fabulous. I finally got to experience my first time at The Cheesecake Factory. Mmm!

This is us watching the water show at the bilagio! It was awesome. Ethan wasn't paying attention the picture
Jessica and I also got our Christmas tree over the break! The day after school was out. It was a blast. Our friend James from our college ward tagged along and helped us get it! It was fun, however, the snow was covering the full length of Jessica's legs. It was lame at the time, but so fun when I look back at it.

Our Christmas ornaments were so cute! I love them. Our tree was a little retarded but that's okay. We made it look cute!

For Christmas Eve I went to St. George with my Grandpa to my big sister, Lydia's house. It was fun! I love being with my sisters and nieces and nephew. It's great fun!

Then in conclusion of this wonderful Christmas Break, Jessica and I are going to Price to spend the New Year with my cousin :) It's going to be funnn! Then we have a week left to do whatever we want to before school starts.

It's been an awesome break!

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