Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun with friends

I have a lot of pictures on my camera but I haven't had the time... eh who am I kidding? I'm too lazy to add them. Plus, they're not going on Facebook. Embarrassment. So if you have been in any activity involving me and my camera, let me know and I will e-mail them to you.

How was everyone's New Year's Eve night and first day of the year? Mine was pretty great if I do say so myself. On New Year's Eve, I hung out with family; had dinner and just hung around. After dinner, Jenn, John, and I went to Aubrie's house where she was having a party. We played a couple rounds of Nertz. Best game by the way. Jennifer and John went back home afterwards. At ten, the crowd started pouring in. That sounds like a lot of people were there huh? People came and went but there was about ten of us. It was still a lot of fun though. We played games, danced, got drunk (joke) off of Sparkling Cider.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2012!

Me, Kenz, Megan with our cute tiaras.

New Years Eve!
 We stayed up playing Taboo until about 4. We were exhausted. I did make it to 11 o'clock Church though. Woke up at 9:45ish. How in the world I did that is beyond me. We just went to Sacrament then came home and watched a movie. I took a three hour nap. Oops. After that, we went back to Aubrie's for yet another game night. Great fun.

What did you guys do for the occasions?

The New Year gives an excuse to do better, start new goals. I read a blog and she made a good point; we can start new- make a change- whenever we want. It made me really about how much I actually have used the New Year as an excuse.

However, I already have made resolutions in mind for this upcoming year.

1. Be a better person; a happy, positive person. Easy.
2. Be healthier. I did really well in 2011 except this last semester. I was so close. I can do it.
3. Read the BOM (Book of Mormon) at least 2 times. Done.

Those are pretty reasonable.

If any, what are you resolution/goals?

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