Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please. Just stop talking.

So I'm not trying to complain or anything.
That is NOT what this blog is about.
I can't help it though-- have you ever had someone that won't SHUT UP in class?
Yeah, you got it! I was blessed to have one this semester.
It's CSIS; the easiest class ever. Especially if you read the book step by step.
Well there is this girl that will ask every single time in class, how to open the file.
She's an older lady. All I have to say is if I were that old and didn't know how to open a file on the computer I would just call it quits and think, well I made it this far!

Anyway! I'm so super excited about Spring Break! I'm going to Colorado with my sister and her family. I'm super excited. We're going to be going going on a train ride! Has anyone been on a train? Please tell me it's incredible!
Tell me, all! What are you guys doing for Spring Break?

A shout out to Laura! I think you're the only one I know as of right now that is super anxious for spring to get here! We'll have to go for a picnic and fly a kite when it gets to that point in our lives. Okay (I hope you read this specific blog)?

I hope everyone is having a non stressful semester. I know Chemistry is kicking me in the rear end. Keep up the hard work everyone!

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  1. Yes! Spring needs to hurry up!!! Along with Spring Break, school is killing me! We definitely need to go on some picnics! Love that plan!

    Colorado will be so fun! I want to go on a train, i bet it's super great.