Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I went to St George with the roommates tonight!
Oh man can I just tell you how much I LOVE the weather down there?
Yeah, well I'm telling you. LOVE.
Aubrie went down at four so she could make it to a session at the temple [it was so perfectly white against that perfectly red rock].
So after Jessica got off work, she came home and then we left to St. Geezy.
Right when we pulled into the Temple parking lot Aubs told us she was done with her session. Can you say perfect timing.
Wow, I'm saying perfect a lot huh? I'm just in a perfect mood.

Before I get to the actual point of this blog let's just say my first experience at Mongolian Barbecue was great. I'll be returning. Nuff said.

Well I saw a couple of blogs that had this on it and thought, eh what the heck. Enjoy!
Age: 20
Bed Size: Twin.. lame huh?
Chore you hate: Cleaning my room. It always gets dirty so fast.
Dogs: I had the worlds best dog duke. My twin sister just got such a cute puppy a few weeks ago.
Essential start to your day: Without fail I always go straight to the bathroom first thing I do
Favorite color: Purple!
Gold or Silver: Silver for sure
Height: six feet tall baby
Instruments you play: :( my parents never enforced any instrumental talent on me. I guess it's never too late to start. I want to play the piano and guitar.
Job title: Starting May 2nd. Vivint Data Entry Rep
Kids: Want tons of them when my time comes
Live: Cedar City Utawwwhh
Mom's name: Laurie Lin
Nickname: MC and Marymoo are the big ones
Overnight hospital stays: Never. I'm healthy.
Pet peeve: Disrespectful people.
Quote from a movie: "Here you go my heart strings. BAH! Snicker doodle... what did you do to your hair?" Name the movie.
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: Two older sisters, and the best twin sister
Time you wake up: I always wake up at 7 in the morning. Ha then I go back to bed. Time varies.
Underwear: Everyday.
Vegetables you dislike: I'm tall. I ate all my vegetables when I was young. I love them all.
Yummy food you make: I make good garlic herb chicken. Mmm MMM.
Zoo animal: I have never been to a zoo... well to my remembrance. I want to see an elephant though. Although they scare me. Those things are mahoosive.

Well there you go!
Hope to see people do this. It's sort of fun.


  1. Whoohoo! You are so cute. I had no idea that you are six feet tall! That's awesome!

  2. You thought you were a giant ;) Like I said, I had no problem eating my vegetables. Thanks for sharing yours too!