Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm going to share something with you

The lovely Pinterest is like an endless magazine with everything in it. I could look at it all day. So could my roommates. For Lindsay's birthday party we're having a game night with cupcakes! She found a great recipe for tie dyed cupcakes. So, I'll share with you how to make them (if you haven't already found them on the endless magazine)!

First thing to do is make the Vanilla Cake mix as directed: 1 cup of water, 1/2 of oil, and 3 eggs. Mix together and then separate into however many bowls of colors you want. We did 5: green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. We kept it on the light side so we put 3 drops of each color into each bowl of cake mix.

So you take a spoon full of each and just pile them on top of each other.
Do NOT stir them together. When they bake it will move around

This was the finished product. How fun and simple!!

We also made Dr Pepper cupcakes. I'm obsessed with
DP so I'm excited for these ones. There
are so many different ways you can make these
so just google the recipe or go to Pinterest.  
If you guys try any of these, let me know!

Good day!


  1. I absolutely love this idea!!! I might steal it from you :) My nieces and nephews would love it. You're so creative.

  2. pinterest destroys the :)