Sunday, November 6, 2011


Gosh! Sorry guys for not blogging for awhile (like anyone is really sad that I haven't blogged). I have been so busy with school with homework and everything. I'll give you updates on what's going on.

So quick story. On Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and while I was there they informed me that they need to take out my left upper wisdom tooth. Weird? Yeah, well I have an under bite so my bottom ones came in perfectly and the top right? She didn't say anything and I don't ask the boss questions. 

Halloween was fun! I didn't go to the Howl. Instead, I stayed home, did laundry and did homework. Then on Halloween night, I went trick or treating. Yeahhh! I didn't get as much as I used to but I got enough to last. I gave some to my sister because you know, candy is awful for you teeth, guys. You flossing? I am. 

While I was on the lovely Loratab (no judgment right?) Aubrie made sure to write down things I said. I'll make that for a later post because I have two more appointments that might require more tabbies.

We Aubrie made a bucket list for our little get together and we did succeed at most of them. 
  • Nertz-- we substituted this for guitar hero and rock band
  • Photoshoot
  • Temple
  • The play Les Miserables 
  • Color water ballooning... fail
  • Drive up the canyon... fail. Stupid landslide. 
I didn't take pictures of any guitar hero or rock band for proof but believe me we got our share of it. 

I will now let you look at the pictures. We took over a 100 pictures Friday night and Saturday. These are my favorites. 

We took many pictures while listening to Aubs play
the Piano. We're good listeners. And we look good doing

Chili's baby back ribs.... barbecue sauce. People were
looking at me like I was crazy. I was a little out
of it. Not crazy.

Kenzuh, Maruh, and Aubruh. Yes, being part of the "uh" club
is high maintenance. 

Stupid pockets hanging out. Here's some of the photoshoot.
If it weren't snowing outside, some would be outside.

Oh I love this picture.

We decided to go visit Narnia

Good friends make their friends Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Oh and mango orange juice. Mmm.

Us Southern Utah folks are quite blessed to have
such a beautiful Temple near us.

Do I need to say anything about this one?

Best place on the entire planet. 

Why yes! Yes it does look like Aubrie is floating.
We thought the same thing. 

Blonde, brunette, and red heads! Yee yeah!

Halloween night. Yes, last minute costume for me. 

At the play. Les Miseerables. Amazing!
Best jumping picture!
Well that is all. I will try and be more active in blogging. I'm practically done with one class because I am done with the blasted research paper. Now a few projects, papers, and reading assignments and another semester is accomplished. 

[Mission papers are coming along. I have two more dentist appointments and then my physical. After that, attach my picture and it be on its way-- thanks for all of your guys' support. Wouldn't be here without you guys.]

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