Friday, November 11, 2011

They're always right

Today as I was walking to class I realized I totally looked like a sister missionary (during winter time). Pea coat with a big scarf. Hey, at least I'll be a good looking missionary right? Oh and I shouldn't be sorry for posting about the Church all the time but you know, I am preparing to serve the Lord so I sort of live my life around the Gospel-- like we all should if we aren't even preparing to serve a mission. Right?

After I was baptized, the Elders asked me if I would go with them to talk to a girl that was less active. I was all over that opportunity. Afterwards, they gave me this:

They were so right!
They are right, people. About the Gospel and about my future as a missionary! Bah I can't wait. After walking home (looking like a missionary) I saw a friend and I shared my exciting news with her and then she asked me about my "story." Well, I actually had my conversion story printed off and was in my backpack. I gave it to her and told her to read it.

I am so good.

Here I am with my Future Missionary badge on:

Totally look like a missionary huh (not the best picture quality,
I took it with my phone)? Oh and Edward wanted to be
in the picture, too.
Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will + lots of sleep!


  1. I love it! You are so adorable!!! Also, you shouldn't be ashamed of blogging about the church. I love reading it! I need to write more about how I feel. I look up to you.

  2. Realy? Are you going? When do you turn 21/turn in papers?