Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good things!!!

Well how does everyone like their classes this semester??

I'm actually really really excited for this semester. I'm finally taking classes that are going towards my major. Those of you who don't know what I'm majoring in (this is the fourth and LAST time I will change it) it's Family Life and Human Development with an Emphasis on Family Services. My goal is to be able to get my PhD and go into research. Observe a family; the development, how they cope with stress, trust, etc. Sound boring? Probably to you. Is it boring? Not to me.

I'm taking Family Processes and Theory and Values and Ethics in Family Services and LOVE them. Well, so far! They are upper division classes so I'm going to be taking a lot of time on those. Plus, Chemistry. My professor seems like a good teacher so far so I'm looking forward to learn more. It's my first time ever taking a Chemistry class. Wish me luck!

I have three semesters after this semester and I'll be done with my bachelors. I'll probably get my masters in Psychology and go into counseling then slowly work my way towards my PhD. Where ever life takes me I guess!

So again! How does everyone like this semester so far? I hope all is going well so far and wish you all the best of luck. I pray for you guys' success.

Now I'm going to go watch the Bachelor!

Bye! :)

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