Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hasn't this break been so nice? At least I've enjoyed it!

Today I took the Christmas tree down. Yes, alone. I was sitting here wondering what to do with my life and looked at my center table and realized it was very dusty. So, I started dusting and ended up taking the tree down. What I do when I'm home alone gets pretty interesting. This is why I need school! I even hauled the Christmas Tree outside all by my lonesome. Good thing no one was around to see that. I tracked stupid pine needles all around my house. Jessica's birthday present came in very handy today to say the least.

Don't you just love a clean house?

Now that the Christmas Tree is down, I put a lovely sent in my candle warmer that makes me want to crack open the windows, and go play outside. I want the spring time to come. The snow can melt away for the rest of the winter season. I want flowers. Lots and lots of flowers and of course the lovely cherry blossoms that bloom on a tree right in front of my house. Oh and you can forget the smell of lilac. Why I'm on the rampage about me wanting the spring to come? Maybe because I'm dreading this coming up semester that is starting in a short few days and I already want spring break to come. VEGAS BABY! Anyone doing anything fun for Spring Break?

I have never taken a Chemistry class in my life and I chose to take it this semester. I'm freaking out- eh, nah that's an understatement! Any Chemistry majors that would like to help me? That's if I suck at it. Ya never know, maybe this is what I'm good at!

Well, it's time for me to get going!
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day, bloggers.

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  1. Yeah I'm ready for school to start up again but I'm dreading this semester too. I'm taking Math for the first time in nearly 4 years! ahh that should be interesting. Good luck with chemistry, I'm definitely not a science person but I'm sure you'll do great!