Thursday, January 6, 2011

Take it easy on the toilet paper, please!

I sure have learned a lot from "being poor." I will look back and laugh at this when I'm older and have a set career and when, of course, I'm not dirt poor. These are a few things I have learned by being poor:

Store brand will get the job done.

I now know why my parents told me to take it easy on the toilet paper. "5 squares (not literally)!"

New clothes isn't something you NEED. It's something you WANT.

7 minute showers.

Along with the showers, use a dime sized amount of Shampoo and Conditioner.

The diet I like to call, "I can't afford that" diet.

Wait till the movie is on Red Box and watch it with the same people you would go to the movies with.

Wishing you lived back in the day where they walked everywhere so you didn't have to worry about gas prices going up.

Apples to Apples is a fun activity you can do on a Friday night with friends.

When having a movie night, or whatever, you ask people to bring a treat of your own. In other words, bring something that's enough for everyone else to eat because I can't afford to buy everything.

When you look forward to ward activities because "refreshments are provided." Thank you 14th ward.

Although, I've learned lessons from being poor, I've come to realize that everything always works out at the end. There is always food on the table, enough money to buy those around the house things plus a new pair of jeans if NEEDED, and enough to go out to a movie or dinner with a good friend.

Now that we've talked about being poor, I would like to show you something that I've been dying to get (remember, I'm poor so this is a very unrealistic dream of mine at the moment)!! I'm a killer for photography. If I had a nice camera, I think I would be out all the time just taking pictures. Take a look here. Maybe I can look on eBay for a cheaper one? Yeah, maybe I will.

What things have you learned by being poor? Or those things that you STILL want but, like I said, are unrealistic dreams right now?

Till next time!

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