Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cedar City...

So I have realized some things about myself living up here in Orem. Hmm quite a few actually... BUT that would turn into the longest post known to the blogging world. So, therefore, we'll stick to the one that I had in mind.

I am not a city girl. Let me repeat that; I am NOT a city girl. Yes, I know that I'm not technically in the big city like Salt Lake with the spaghetti bowls, gigantic buildings clustered together, and whatever else is in capitol of the beehive state but I am in Orem and that's close enough to me.

*Warning: Another list on the whys*

This is the list of things that truly testify that I am most definitely and probably wont ever be a city girl:
In good ol' Cedar City I didn't have to wait five billion hours to get to Wal-Mart when it was just right around the corner.
I didn't hear trains or cars on the freeway at ALL hours of the night [let me add in: a train is chugging along as we speak]. I was thinking a couple nights ago that I thought it was weird when I heard absolutely nothing at times in Cedar [usually at night time]... Hmm well I sure miss that. Constant noise here. It never stops.
I am very content with a standard stop sign and if I really feel like it, I'll get on Main Street so I can get my traffic light fix.
Then traffic itself. Oh my gosh. Can we all say ridiculous?
I hate construction. I will drop dead when the day comes that I never see a single orange or neon green cone on the freeway... or on any road for that fact. Plus, where is the State getting the money to do all of this?
I love stars. Cool fact for you guys; did you know that the stars we are seeing are already dead? It's quite complicated to explain it in a nutshell so I'll leave it at that. Anyway, I can't just look out my window to see stars anymore. And quite frankly, I miss it.
I'd rather smell cow manure than stinky polluted air constantly smothering me. And don't judge me for liking the smell of cow poop. It's a smell that reminds me of home. haha. Gross.
I get excited when all I see is green fields around me. I hate buildings.
I also get excited when I see the exit to Cedar City.

Oh yeah, trust me. The list goes on. Let me also add that this isn't a pity post. It's just simply stating that I am indeed a country girl. I'll represent Southern Utah till the day I die [even St. George-- it's nice to get away once and awhile].


P.s. I'm not opposed to going to New York or L.A, possibly Hollywood. Just to visit. I'll never live there. This whole time I thought I wanted to move to California. Yeah, not happening. This is all about experience right? I'm excited to see what I have in store for me up here.

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