Monday, June 20, 2011


So lately my life has been chaotically hectic. Yes, that stressful. I'm trying to sell this blasted contract of mine so I can move down to St. George.

Why would she do that, you may ask.

I hate it up here. Lydia (go check her blog out. she's awesome) told me so.
I'm so far away from family and I wont see them as much as I would like. Lydia told me so.
"I'm going to laugh so hard when you come back after a couple of months," says Lydia (when moving up here).
So pretty much Lydia was right. Why am I writing this blog letting you know she was? Well, she politely asked me to let the world know that I will now listen to my elders. Yeah, I will not listen to my elders in my life except one. That one is indeed her. She's wise and has good ideas.

Information you should know: Lydia's my big sister. She practically raised me as I was growing up. So of course I listen to her. She was pretty much my mothaaa.

I am pretty upset that I wont be working for Old Navy anymore though. I feel like every job I have up here is dreadful. The thing that I'm mostly upset about are the stellar discounts they had for us employees. Now that's over.

Anyway, I'm excited to move to St. George. I'll be closer to my sisters and nieces and nephew, I know I already like it, if I miss home I can just hop in the car and be there in 45 minutes, I'm excited to have one of the most beautiful Temple's near by... the list goes on.

I honestly think Lydia's more excited about me moving there though. She was the first person I told. Her response of the news: "WAHOOO!" As I'm wanting to jump off a cliff, though, she's just sitting there laughing. Hard. Not cool sis. Not cool.

So call me a baby, a wimp, or idiotic for moving up here and so suddenly and quickly wanting to move back to Southern Utah if you want. I wont care. I do what I do.

It'll all be for the best.

(shout out to Christina for reading this blog. She doesn't have a blog but she told me she reads them. how sweet.)

To you Lydia. If you would like, you can now say, "I told you so."

So fellow bloggers, blog stalkers, and friends. Listen to your elders. They probably do know more than you do. Lydia was right. Period.

As am there I will probably blog a lot more. I will be taking constant pictures of those adorable kids of hers and blog about what's going on down in San Jorge (I had to translate St. George into Spanish to get that).

Bye and thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad you're getting things figured out, Marycatherine! I lived in St.G for about a year, and liked it quite a bit. I worked at Ross--and they're ALWAYS hiring. It was a pretty fun job, too. My cousin works there right now.

    So, would you be going to Dixie, then? Or taking a break from school?

  2. All that matters is that you're happy, so do what you want! I think you'll really like living in St George, it is a fantastic place.

  3. I am so excited!! you will love it down here! I know you pretty well kid (and jess too) you need a small town feel with shopping options! :) oh and did i mention zumba? lol