Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I want to!

Today when I was cleaning the kitchen, I had the biggest urge to go camping! I have no idea why that came upon me.

Camping is one of my favorite activities to do. I wish I did it more. It's just something about the outdoors; the crisp air in the morning, camp fires, spending time around people you enjoy being around. Plus, s'mores and roasted starbursts! Mmm.

Then when you go to sleep and you can star gaze while laying in bed. It's the best.

Well for now, all I can do is dream about it. It's too cold to go camping. However, once it's warmer I'll be out and camping if anyone wants to join!

Side note: totally passed all my classes! Now I can actually relax without stressing. I hope you are all satisfied with your grades. 

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