Monday, December 12, 2011

Mission Update

Some of  you guys have been asking about my "paper progress" with the whole Mish thing. Well, I have one more dentist appointment (please, folks, remember to floss) and my physical which are both scheduled in January. Those Dr's. They are busy I tell ya. Then I have to go talk to my homeward bishop about finances and attach a photo. After that, they will be submitted. 

Isn't that so exciting? I'm getting quite nervous and Satan is really working hard to try and get me to back out of this decision. That man has got some nerves. 

Last night I was thinking about the sacrifices He made for us. Each and every one of us. He made a lot of sacrifices and I am so grateful for His willingness to do that for me

When I think about leaving my friends and family behind, I get so sad and can't imagine my life without them. My friends and family mean so much to me. The people I have met in my ward this semester have blessed my life tremendously. It's sad to leave them behind. Then my family. Did you know my youngest niece will be in Kindergarten and my oldest niece will be thirteen years old when I come back? Also, baby Jude will be almost two when I get home. I'm going to miss my twin sisters baby and all his firsts. 

However, those are all sacrifices I'm willing to to take. What's a year and a half compared to eternity? Also, when I'm on my mission I hope to grow closer relationships with all those who I'm already close with. It seems like that's how it works. 

After I think about all of this, though, I just try and imagine walking off of that plane seeing everyone when I get home. It makes it seem all worth it when I know that what I'm going to do is all worth it and while I have grown closer with everyone, especially the Lord, I get to come home to the best people. 

Good luck with finals and I will keep you up on the progress. 

Now, real quick, let's talk about dating. Let's say hypothetically speaking here, someone was preparing to go on a mission. Guys shouldn't be afraid to ask that girl on a date, right? I think they should go for it. After all, President Monson did say go out and date. I'm a huge fan of him. I like his advice and direction. Don't you? 


  1. "When I think about leaving my friends and family behind, I get so sad and can't imagine my life without them. My friends and family mean so much to me."

    Leaving my family was extremely difficult on my mission. I know that if you pray for strength and remember that you will see your family again youll be just fine. And that your leaving your family for a short time so that others can have there's for eternity.

    You are on your way to great things! :D im excited for you. In fact, i envy you. haha. Sometimes when a door of opportunity is present, we often look back if we are not fully committed. When you walk through that door have no regrets :D Thats my best advice hehe. A mission wont be easy. But itll be worth it. My mission taught me great things, i didnt serve full time, but i never regret the moment when i was serving. Love ya hope things continue to be a great blessing for you! We miss ya around here!

    - Corey :D

  2. That's so exciting. You know, I put my papers in just after I met Chris. He was very supportive of me going on a mission but when it came time to leave it was clear my path was to take a different direction. I have never regretted not going but I have met a lot of women who did go and there is a complexity about them that I can't put my finger on. Your life will be enriched beyond measure for serving a mission. Your knowledge of the gospel will increase more that it would if you didn't. Go. Everyone will still be there when you get back and 18 months really isn't that long. You have life experiences that will help you be an awesome missionary. You can empathize because you are a convert yourself. You'll rock that mission. I'm so excited for you!