Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes, two blog posts in one night [sorry if they are so boring to you guys].

I find blogging as a way to get things off your chest, out in the open, sharing with others.
So, I have been having bizarre dreams lately and I want to know what they mean.
Do you guys find dreaming fascinating? I do.
So I started researching about the symbolism of dreaming. I found some interesting ones!
Here are a few:

Being chased:Unresolved circumstances, situation, emotions plaguing you. Can be real fear of being pursued by someone or something.
Baby: Good luck or fortune.
Rain: You are trying to overcome an emotional issue with someone or something.
Spider: Little annoying or irritating things that are left undone. Can be a fear of gossipy things said about you - or the consequences of gossip you engaged in regarding someone else.
Alley: a restricted or confining situation that you have to traverse on your journey. Limited options.

Those are the ones I found interesting and the ones that have been in my dreams. It's crazy how people know this. I think it would be so fun to study dreams. Dr. Oz did a show on dreaming and I didn't want to go to class because I was so intrigued.
There was one with an Elephant and they said it meant that you would be receiving a gift. I don't care about the gift, I just want to dream about an Elephant [even though they sort of scare me].

Well, off to bed. Hope I dream about more things so I can digest them and figure out what they are trying to tell me :)


  1. that is interesting! now i'm going to want to study my dreams...

  2. there is a test you can do! we'll have to try it out sometime. I wonder if there is any Psychology class we could take...

  3. oh for real, i have dreams about spiders a LOT! with random people in it. well shoot, better get the small things done. or stop gossiping!! haha. I LOVE THIS!