Monday, March 21, 2011

Wish it was longer

Hello family and friends!
Let's just start off by saying, Spring Break is always too short.
I wish it was a lot longer.
Did anyone do anything fun?

I did.
My sister and her husband invited me along to go to Colorado with them.
Nice? Yes, I thought so.

Tuesday night Jessica and I decided to try out Zumba for the first time. I loved it. I'm going back tomorrow to do it. Yay!

Wednesday morning, we woke up at six (well I did-- Lydia didn't wake up till 7. She's a slacker. Love ya sis) and had to go get the rent-a-car. We almost made it to the Air Port in time for them to tell us they didn't have a mini van for us. So... we went to a different rental place that they told us to go and got a snazzy SUV. We were out of St. George by 9 o'clock. We drove for hours to get there. The scenery going through Arizona and Utah was gorgeous though. I've never seen that part of Utah before.
Thursday morning, we, once again, woke up early to hit the road. This time we were headed to Mesa Verda. I had never been so I was soo stoked to see the Indian ruins . Seriously, they were amazing. They dated clear back to 1200.
I forgot my camera at the Hotel while we were at Mesa Verda so
I didn't get many pictures. After a couple of hours of looking at all the historical sites, we went into the gift shop/museum type of thing. It was really cool. We got to actually go down to one of the houses and look around. The house we saw had SO many rooms! I wish they would have let us go in the clear back of the cave-- sadly enough though, we couldn't. However, I went into a Kiva! That was pretty awesome I thought. We ate a lunch (well sort of hahaha) then headed back to Cortez.

Friday we went to Durango, Colorado and went on a Train! It was my first time on a train so I was up the night before tossing and turning for most of the night. We got to Durango and went to the Train Station and waited till it was boarding. After about thirty minutes, we were on the Train! ALL ABOARD! It was exciting, I tell you what.
It was a pretty nice ride up to Silverton. It took about five hours round trip. I think it was worth it. The scenery around that was awesome, too.

Saturday, we went through Moab to see Arches National Park. It was phenomenal. I got to see the arch that's on the Utah license plate. Woot woot. Did anyone else know that one of the arches collapsed a couple years ago? Yeah, I didn't until Lydia told me. Well after that we drove all the way back home. We were lucky and had a driver that beat the storm. Goo Ronnie.

Alright, I am done boring you all with my lame stories about my Spring Break!
Welcome back to reality!
Only six more weeks of school left (only? yeah right.)!

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