Wednesday, March 30, 2011


SPRING fever that is.

You know those days that you want to spend the whole day outside, beg your professor to lecture out on the grass, wear a dress in celebration of the wind not blowing franticly for once because it's so prefect outside?
Yeah, that's my definition of Spring Fever.
Can school just be over? Apparently not hence the five weeks of school that are left.

Okay so here are a few things that have been on my mind in the last oh 3.2 seconds:
1. I can't wait to be working. I haven't had a job in forever. It'll be good to finally save up money, buy a car that I've been trying to get. Be able to pay rent without pinching every single penny I have.
2. Refer to up above. I want school to be OVER.
3. I have a thought on my mind. It's a secret. I can't wait to share with everyone. Only two of the eleven that are following me know this secret. Yay!
4. I want the next person that lives in this house to take care of my home [so many memories in this house-- it'll always be considered a home].
5. I REALLY want this dress. Look familiar? All you Gleek's out there. Yeah, Quinn wears it in the Halo/Walking On Sunshine mash-up.
Cute right?
I think with these shoes. Yeah [exact outfit from Glee-- don't judge].
I'll get it one day.

Well that's all for the coveting ;)

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  1. I hope your secret has to do with a mission! You'd be a great missionary, Mary :) And I might be living in your house...your landlord never called me back! And I was wondering how much utilities ran. Ok, that's it!