Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today has been a very eventful day. Why I'm still awake is beyond my knowledge. If this doesn't make sense it's because I should have waited till I was more lucid to write it.

Whose sister drives to Cedar to pick her car-less sister up just to turn back around and go back to St. George? My sister, Candace. I really should get a car. It was fun to spend an hour with her and catch up with each others lives though. So I wont complain. She's crazy busy with three jobs. 

When I got to St. George I went to go visit my Grandpa at his new apartment. He's so stinkin' cute! He's looking significantly better since he's been cared for down there. He loves it where he's at. 

Afterwards, we went to wal-mart (Me, Lydia and the ragamuffins) to go grocery shopping, went home and had lunch, then off to the Staheli Corn Maze for Lexy's birthday party. .It was a load of fun! We were there for about two hours. There was a petting zoo, live music, playground for the kids, and a hay ride over to the corn maze. When we were in the corn maze we got pretty lost so we stayed pretty close by the exit. We got in corn fights and scared each other. 

We gathered the kids together and went over to Basila's Cafe for my Grandpa's 88th birthday dinner. It's hard finding good Greek restaurants that compare to the Greek Easter/family reunions that I've been raised going to. Not tonight. The food was so good. The lamb was a little tough but that's okay. It made me miss my big fat Greek family. 

Well here are some pictures I took throughout the day (go check out my Facebook for all of the cute pictures).

My beautiful sister, Lydia!
Sadie Lee


I'm oddly obsessed with this picture.
I think it's the colors. 

She's cute, right?
This is sort of creepy to me but, again, I'm quite obsessed
with it.

She's just too cute!
She loved that swing.

One of my favorite pictures I have ever taken

Greek Salad is delicious 
Yup, that was my day. I love my family.


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