Sunday, October 16, 2011

I did it

I did it. Everyone has been talking about Pinterest and I didn't understand what was so great about it. Then all my friends started talking about it so I had Jessica send me an invite.

I love it.

These are a few favorite things I have seen so far. Let me remind you, I've only had this since this morning. Such brilliant ideas. It's going to make me a better domestic mother/wife one day.

Pinned Image
This is exactly what I want for a day like today.
Somewhere where I can isolate myself and read
a nice book.
Pinned Image
It's just so cozy and cute! When I have a cabin, this is what
I'm shooting for.

Pinned Image
My hair definitely wont do this but my roommates
would be perfect for this.
What have you found on Pinterest that you absolutely love? I want to know!

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