Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come Unto Christ

"By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have come unto Him yourself. If you want to be near Him, to feel His peace, you can do it best in His service."  -Henry B. Eyring 

This, friends, is why I want to go on a mission. To become a witness to the truthfulness the Gospel has to offer us. To stand and serve the Lord; share the message as He would if He was here. 

Since I have chosen to serve a mission Satan is working me. I keep thinking negative thoughts. Even Aubrie called me Negative Nancy (she was right). I kept taking everything and turning it into negativity. Looking at everything I have learned in my classes this semester that are quite sad and thinking since I fell into the statistic of parents divorce, I'll be the worst mom, my kids wont have a father because I'll settle for less. I keep thinking I'm going to be the worst missionary because I don't know anything. Being home makes me think, this is how it could be the rest of my life. I have no Hope. 

I have always had strong Faith. So I thought. Till Sister Myers (Aubrie) told me, without Faith there is no Hope. Without Hope, there is no Faith. Ouch. My outlook on Hope is so much bigger now. 

I cannot wait to go share this Gospel with those who I meet. I have HOPE for what the Lord has put in store for me. I asked myself earlier, "what was I thinking in pre-life? Thinking I would be able to go through everything." Again, Aubrie said, because you knew the end. Pretty much I better be just as good as Aubrie was on her mission.

I have Hope and Faith in all things. It's a challenge but I need to pray and come unto Christ. If I do that, the Holy Ghost will give me all that He has promised me. Without the Holy Ghost, I can't have Hope or Faith. 

So therefore, I'm going to take what I learn in my classes and make sure I don't settle for less (find a guy that will honor his priesthood, wont look and treat me like a worldly possession, and will take me through the Temple), show my children the unconditional love that every child deserves to feel, and will be the best missionary I can become through the experience and trails I have overcome.  

You learn everyday. This is what I learned today. It may not make sense, but there you have it. 

He loves me and He loves you, too.
Come Unto Christ
Pray for Faith and Hope in all things. 

[This is the talk I got the quote from. Read it. Promise, it'll help no matter what situation you're in.]

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