Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stepping back...

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed I was thinking to myself how many good things I have going in my life compared to the bad ones. This whole contract fiasco has really put me to the test. My stress levels were higher than ever, I was emotional, I only got a few hours of sleep a night, and I was never happy. That ends now. Have I not stepped back to take a look at everything I do have? I sure did tonight.

My sister has helped me out more than I can even thank her for. When I didn't have anywhere to stay, she opened her house up to me. Somewhere where I would feel comfortable. I'm going to miss them when I move back to Cedar. Which leads me to the house I'm going to live in Cedar; I'll be living with a few girls I met in my ward when I lived on 300. Not only am I going to live with way fun girls, I'll be back in the singles ward that's practically the ward I have been in other than the ward I was baptized in. Then I get blessed with the most kindest friends. When I stress out about money- and not the little stresses that we all have; big ones- or anything else, they are there to give me advice, throw some options out. Letting me know that everything will work out in the end. It always does. By the way my only option left with this contract is to sell it. The amount is outrageous. I wont post that. I have it, but would rather not spend it on the most ridiculous people I have ever met with (professionally). That's another blessing; I have the money and can get out of it. At least I have that, right? I can still live with the extra money I'll have (tithing is a great thing; blessings pour out) and job hunting.

Now I'm going to let you all know that prayer is one of the biggest things that have gotten me through a lot lately. Every time I start doubting myself, start stressing out, or start losing hope, I just turn to Heavenly Father in Prayer and ask for strength to get me through the trials I have been given. If these trials are in my life, I must have the strength to push through them. Yeah? I think so.

[I was going to add pictures but something crazy happened and I'm too tired to even care at this point. Sorry!]


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