Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tender moment

Today my sister and I met up with her friend Gail to set up a party for Lia Sophia. While we were sitting down for lunch, I noticed this elderly man sitting there by himself eating lunch. He was so cute. After he ate his lunch, he was just sitting there. I then noticed a woman and her daughter come in and get ice cream together.

[before I move on, I'm not a creeper]

After a minute, again, I notice the woman getting another ice cream. This one wasn't for her. It was for the man sitting by himself. She thanked him for something, opened his spoon, and opened his nuts and sat those to the side. She was so thoughtful. It seriously made me get all emotional. I thought it was such a sweet thing for her to do that. He was so appreciative. She ended up getting her and her daughters stuff and sat down with him. He was telling her stories and then she left.

Gives me hope that there are good people like her in our world. Makes me strive to be a better person.

Thought I would share that with you guys.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.

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