Monday, July 25, 2011

The award goes to...

If there was an award given to the worlds funniest three year old, it would be my niece Sophia Lachelle. The entire three weeks I was at Lydia's house, this little stinker would always make me laugh one way or another. She says the funniest things, does the funniest things... well and is just the funniest three year old ever.
I sometimes wonder where she gets her sense of humor from (it's totally me)! She's so random but everything she says or does makes someone laugh. Before I left back to Cedar she came up to me and was like, "Oh heyyy girlfrien'." The day she said that, I was having a stressful day dealing with finances and whatnot. Well after that, I was happy! She knows how to cheer people up. Even if she doesn't know so.

The day I was leaving to come back to Cedar, she went in her room and got all her pillows; baby pillows, pillow pets, regular pillows, etc. After she hauled all of them out of her room, she was like, "Pillow fight!!" Oh man, I can't wait till I have my own kiddos. They better be just as funny as Soph-a-loaf is.

THEN, while I was packing my stuff up I was just sitting on the floor folding my clothes when she comes in playing this guitar thing. I look up and what do I see?


Cute. Riiiight? This was all her.

Then I asked her if she would sing us a song. Want to see? Oh you do!

You can't really hear what she's saying but it's still cute!

Anyway, that's all today. I just wanted to share this with you!

Happy Pioneer Day everyone. It's almost 11 pm and the frat home next to me thinks it's alright to let off all their fireworks. Not cool boys, not cool.

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