Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Independence Day...

So for the Fourth of July weekend, I came to St. George to spend time with Lydia and her family.

On Friday, Sophia had her birthday party. She's three years old. What? What happened to the other two years? She's so cute. She got a lot of toys and had a Bug themed birthday. It turned out really well and Candace made a cute Caterpillar cake (bunt cakes cute in half and stood them up). It was very cute. I wish my camera wouldn't have died. Disappointment.

On Saturday, we went up Cedar Mountain to Ronnie's (brother in law) Grandfathers property. It was so gorgeous up there. Once again, camera was dead. Before I go move on to more important things, I'm going to give you some useless information I learned that day from my intelligent because-she's older sister. I learned what a bluff was, a knoll, a marsh, and learned that the Aspen trees at Fish Lake is the biggest living organism in the world. I also learned about different wildflowers. Yes, the only reason she knows these things (as her kids would say) is because she's older and they know everything. Pft whatever. Anyway, we kept seeing meadows. Like you would see in The Sound of Music. I wanted to frolic in them. With all the yellow, purple, and white flowers. People who frolic are cool, right? Well sad to say, I didn't frolic at all. Once you got up close it was all lumpy. There were Mole tracks. Gross. Then Ronnie told us that we needed to entertain ourselves because we would be there for some time. So what did three adults do? We pretended that the ground was lava and the only way we would live is if we balanced on the dead Aspen trees that fell. After losing limbs from the lava burning them off, we decided that we had nine lives. We started off at five years old, and ended up graduating to fifteen. Yeah, we sure did entertain ourselves. It was actually really fun. We all deserve to be five years old sometimes. Try it out.

Sunday I went to Church with Lydia and her family. It was interesting. A lot different from the LDS Church, that's for sure. After Church we came back and ate some dinner and then went to see Transformers 3. In 3D. It was phenomenal. If you guys haven't gone to see it, please treat yourselves to it and GO. If you don't know who Geniel Perkins is ignore this. If you do, you can't tell me that one of the girls on it (forgot her name) looks JUST like her.
She didn't wear the glasses during the movie but afterwards, I put them on her and this is what she did. Isn't she so cute? I think she is. You think whatever but you don't have a soul if you think otherwise.

Today is Independence Day. I'm so grateful for the people in other lands, fighting for us, so we can be in our land and live in freedom. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be where we're at today. Tonight, we're going to light fireworks and just hang out. At least I think that's the plan. Along with everything else, Sophia is learning how to go "pee-pee in the potty." Today I told her that every time she went to the bathroom IN the toilet, she would get a sticker. If she gets five stickers, she'll get a treat. If she has an accident, she gets a sticker taken away. Hopefully it works.

Well there is my weekend. Is anyone else doing (or already have done) anything fun?

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