Sunday, July 10, 2011


I really think I have a sleeping problem.

I wake up early every morning (okay so like 8-9ish) and don't take naps (except today when Sophia fell asleep on me. But Sunday naps our acceptable).

Then by ten at night, I'm exhausted. I lay down, fall asleep for like an hour, then wake up and can't get back to sleep for hours. What is that??

I'm getting really sick and tired of it.

On a happier note, I've found some places that have open rooms. Which both are in my old ward. I made my schedule at SUU and got financial aide started. Just need them to review it and let me know if I get it. Which I know I will. Tuition is a stinker. I don't understand why on earth it needs to be so expensive. Even though I made my schedule at probably the very last minute, I got all classes I need for my major. All of which are in the Education building. Maybe I should just rent an empty classroom and live there? Pft. I wish. That would be bomb.

So anyway, hopefully I find a house soon so I can move back to Cedar and start getting things in order. I have never been so unorganized in my entire life. That is soon to change, my friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and will have a superb week!

p.s No matter how excited I am to move back to Cedar, I'm going to be so sad to leave my nieces and nephew!

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