Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pink or Blue?

A few nights ago Jennifer asked me if I wanted to go the the Doctor's with her on Tuesday to find out the sex of the baby. I of course agreed on going!

Well today was Tuesday. I woke up and got ready thinking I would be done with everything right on time. Apparently I was so excited that I did everything faster than expected. Instead of me sitting around on my butt I had her come get me before she got ready.

We were all so excited to see if it's pink or blue!

As you can tell:

After this picture, we left as quick as we could. When we got there we sat down and what seemed, well at least to me, like seconds later, the nurse walked through, "Jennifer." Jennifer stood up so fast I didn't even notice. John was right behind her. I thought for a moment I would be waiting out in the waiting room the whole time. Every time that door opened I would whip my head around to see if it was them. After a few teases, John came out and said I could go in the room when they found out.

My twin sister is pregnant, guys, how could I NOT be there for this? Well I got to be there.

We had to go back in the waiting room for another short moment and then got to go back.

Okay, for those who have never been in a room with all the ultrasound equipment... uh holy cow. It was like a candy store to me. I just wanted to start playing around with everything. Well before I could, the nurse came in.

This is it... boy or girl? It has to be a girl. That's the luck. No, it's a boy. Has to be.

The baby knew exactly what to do.

First image we see:

It's a small picture but let's say what the nurse said, "That is not an umbilical cord."
"Oh," John said not so excited, "Wait. OH!"
"Congratulations, it is a boy." Callie (the nurse) assured.

What am I doing when John and Jenn are kissing, crying, laughing? I'm sitting in the corner sobbing. My twin sister is having a BABY BOY! I'm going to have another nephew. My built in best friend is going to be a Mommy. Shout out to John, you are going to be a wonderful Daddy to Oliver/Jude (names they're thinking of). Jennifer couldn't have been luckier. P.s you two, the name Oliver Jude is growing on me. Oliver Jude Young. Yeah? Yeah.

This is the next picture they got. The 3D is gnarly. Yes, I used the word gnarly. Dont' judge.
Do you see his little arm? His head? His cute skinny body? They finally can say "him/he" not "it."

Well, to make this a shorter blog, we all did a victory dance outside in the waiting room. They got what they wanted. Yay!

Immediately, they went to Wal-Mart to get him an outfit. Jennifer nicknamed him (when he was still unknown) Lil Monkey. So I'm assuming that's why she wants it to be a monkey theme. Or she just likes them. I don't know.

While we were on our way to the Devil's home (wal-mart) want to know the song John blasted to Jennifer? Glee version of (You're) Having My Baby. Oh man it was pretty great. He was belting that out.

After seeing a bunch of people and telling them the news, they got back to the baby section and got the little guy an outfit.

Congratulations Jenn and John. I love you both! Can't wait for February 4th.

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