Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wait... what?

School starts too soon. I keep saying how excited I am to start and how this semester is going to be the best semester yet. Which all of that is so true but I don't want all my time succored away into late hours of studying, meeting up with fellow students to make presentations, and trying so hard to do my best so I don't let my teachers down. Are you guys looking forward to the Fall semester?

My summer has been quite consuming; trying my hardest to get things aligned up North. I wish it would have gone smoother but oh boy have I learned a lot about myself. It's all about the climb right?

Here is how my summer went:

Hello employment. It's going to be fun working with you.

After a month of working there, I loved it at the beginning then I started to hate it. So much I didn't want to go. Therefore, I didn't. After a couple dreadful weeks I found another job.

Hello employment (again):

Well that lasted a whole two weeks. I loved it but was not a fan of Orem.

Jessica and I started talking. "Why are we still in Orem? We both hate it," Jessica texts me at three in the morning. Reply to that (at three in the morning), "Come in my room." So she came in my room and we talked for a good hour or so on what we should do.

In conclusion:

Knock knock. Hey Lydia (who lives in Washington), thanks for letting us live with you while we figure stuff out.

Also, thanks for the opportunity to spend time with these little bundles of joy. They are getting so big so fast. It was good to spend that time with them.

I decided to come back to Cedar (mostly for school- I love SUU) while Jessica decided to stay down in Washington.

Good luck in Washington, Jessica! I miss you incredibly bad.

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

Are you guys ready for school to start? What are your plans for the coming up Fall?

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