Saturday, August 13, 2011

Craft of the day...

First off, school is about to start. I need more exciting things happening in my life. Starting tonight I'm planning on doing at least a few fun things before the long hours of studying adopt my life away. Don't worry, I'll certainly blog about them.

My roommate Lindsay and I have been wanting to do crafts. She wanted so badly to do something to spice up my walls. I had a cute picture frame up but for some reason everything fell one night while Erin and I were sleeping and we haven't put anything back up. I passively told Lindsay no. I need time to think of what I want. She gave some cute ideas. I'm still pondering though.

Well instead of finding something for my neglected wall, we settled down and chose to tie dye! Yeah, it was my first official time of doing it. I'm so proud of the shirts I made (and sports bra. Holla!). However, after the whole process of rinsing until it runs clear resulted my hands to turning blue. I look like I'm turning into an offensive smurf! That's alright though.

So I took a couple pictures while I was tie dying but didn't get any of me because Lindsay's hands were occupied with colorful excitement and I'm not so great at taking pictures of me without seeing the side that has the frame on it.

This is the starting of the fun:
This is Lindsay (my new roommate by the way!) making her shirt:
We rinsed them till the water ran clear, washed them in the washing machine and now they're at the last step of the whole process; drying! We made some for our friends, too. Tomorrow I'm going to the Lake (sand hollow)! Again. Well I made a shirt for Aubrie so we're going to be sporting the look at the Lake tomorrow. Then Linds is going to Lake Powell for a week with her two friends and made them shirts. So they will also (I'm assuming) be having a sport-your-tie-dye day.

Soon to be pictures. I'm not making promises though. For the millionth time; I have a ghetto white trash camera that's been close to its dirt nap. I just gave up on it.

Have a happy weekend with whatever you end up doing.

P.s. Thanks Hannah for the fun night at your cabin!

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