Monday, August 1, 2011

No regrets.

You know, people come and go. It's the saddest thing about life I think. You make relationships with your family, friends, potential partners but sometimes life throws you a curve ball out of nowhere and they up and leave.

This has happened to me the last month or so. I'm slowly losing relationships that I've had for sometime now. For years to be exact. They slowly slip out of my hands and I have no way of re-gripping those. I have to step back and ask myself, did I do anything to lose that grip?

I guess the point of this post today is that I have stepped back. I have asked myself that question. However, I am not going to beat myself over the things I have done. I make mistakes. I make dumb mistakes. I have trust issues. I have noticed that I rely on people way too much. I don't like playing games when, well sadly said, that's life. A constant battle of games. I have independent issues. I don't think that's so much of a flaw though. I have just realized these things though. I don't regret anything that I have done in my past leading me to where I'm at today. Right now. I do things for myself with the help of people. I wont be a "lonely lady" for the rest of my life. I have things to offer. People rely on me, too. I'm going to be a better friend to people.

Nothing compares, no worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made.
- Adele

I hope you all know that you can't be perfect. As much as you want to be, you simply can't. That's the purpose of our lives; make mistakes. Learn and appreciate them. They make you who you are.

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