Sunday, August 7, 2011

21 things

In celebration, for my 21st Birthday, I'm going to let you guys in on 21 random facts about me. First off, let's just talk about what I did for my birthday.

-I went to Denny's with my twin sister for breakfast. I love having a twin. It's fun to celebrate your birthday with someone else! We always call each other at mid night. We always have, and always will. Even if we're 90.

- I went to Sand Hollow. It was super fun. Everyone thought I was crazy for not getting in the water though. You'll see why I didn't in my list of 21 things. Just wait.

- I had a BBQ with some friends. It was really fun just having people over and to socialize. My roommates and I (plus Aubrie, minus Erin) took Dr. Pepper shots. Get it?

- Aubrie brought over her projector and we watched a movie in my front yard. Couldn't tell ya anything about the movie though. I feel asleep. Apparently I was snoring and talking in my sleep. I don't snore!

Alright, here's the 21 things you probably don't care to know about me, but I'll tell you anyway:

1. I love goldfish crackers. I'm not using the word love lightly either. I could eat them all day everyday.
2. I never want to have blonde hair ever again. I love the red.
3. I have a fear of bridges. Especially ones over water.
4. I have ever a bigger fear of deep bodies of water. Hence the reason I didn't get in the water yesterday at the lake.
5. I don't know how to swim. Which is a goal I have to learn in the next year because I told Aubs she could push me in the water whenever she wanted after I turned 22 (deal I made because I wasn't getting in the water).
6. I have indeed ate a lambs eye ball. Just gotta swallow it whole. No other way of doing it.
7. Along with my goldfish addiction, I'm addicted to candy. I'm not ashamed of either one of those addictions. It's better than crack or some illicit drug, right? That's what I thought.
8. I'm a convert to the LDS Church (a lot of you already know it but it's one of my favorite facts about myself).
9. I'm very gullible.
10. I'm now more addicted to blog stalking than Facebook stalking (still do my fair share stalking via The Book though).
11. I'll make the best wife.
12. I'm a Family Life and Human Development major with emphasis on Family Services. I want to be some type of child advocate and therapist.
13. I'm a Utes fan all the way.
14. My favorite book is the Book of Mormon.
15. I hate the words Epic and Legit. When I use them, I cringe and feel like I sinned. They are just so over used.
16. I want to live in Cedar as long as I can. If I get married and my husband needs to leave for schooling or work, I'll do it. That's the only reason I would want to go.
17. Two of my worst pet peeves are loud walkers and thieves. You know those people that walk super loud? Like you can hear them upstairs or when you're on the same floor and you can hear them from the other side of the house? I hate that. I don't thieves. Especially when it's the most stupidest thing ever. It's still mine. Bitter much? Maybe.
18. I'm Greek. And proud of it.
19. I love my name; Marycatherine. So if you'd like, you can call me that. I love Mary and do not mind it one bit but I LOVE Marycatherine. Feel free to use whatever.
20. I love cooking. I love watching cooking shows. My all time favorite is Masterchef! Best judges. "Now that is just ghetto fabulous."
21. Smiling is probably one of my favorite things. Makes your day go smoother and a simple smile makes people happy. I know it makes my day go better.

Well there you go, friends.

p.s. School starts so soon. How do you guys feel about that?

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