Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tree House

Every kid wants a tree house built in their backyard, right? I know I did. Especially after watching Now And Then. I didn't really mind what it really looked like. As long as it had four walls and a roof. As I got older the desire I once had for a tree house started fading.

That has now changed. I don't only want an expected tree house; the four walls and a roof, I want a legitimate tree house. My sister Jennifer has this book in her book shelf of these awe-inspiring tree houses. People put their all into these houses. They are indeed tree houses. Better yet, they have plumbing, lighting, a/c, full bedrooms, the best bathrooms I have ever seen and more. Jennifer and John (my brother in law) want one as well. I don't think they really know how serious I am about building one with them. I'll build by own (hire someone else to build it. me? build a tree house? not happening) but I'll also have a getaway one that's attached to hers.

Anyway, enough of the blab. You want to see pictures right?

Well here you go:

You want one now. Right? There are so many pictures. Just Google Tree Houses. You'll get plenty.

Anyone want to start a tree house community?

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