Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bucket List

A couple days ago I realized that I was almost to a hundred posts... I'm now at a hundred posts. In celebration I'm going to share with you my bucket list. I wish it was 100 so it would be cool but I only have a bucket list of 50. 

No specific order:

1. Travel to Greece
2. Be a true T-Bird
3. Move somewhere exotic for the summer
4. Meet Sharon Osbourne
5. Go to New York on New Year's Eve
6. Serve a full-time mission with my husband
7. Kiss in a library [no judging]
8. Be able to sing at a public event
9.Have 5 children [doesn't matter the gender]
10. Own a house one day
11. Own a car
12. Get married 
13. Run a half marathon
14. Run a full marathon
15. See Tyler Ward perform live 
16. Go on a cross country road trip
17. Receive my bachelor degree
18. Receive my masters degree
19. Go to an NFL game
20. Go to a Temple Dedication 
21. Meet the president of the United States
22.Sky Diving [although I'm terrified of heights] 
23. Visit all seven wonders: 
24.Visit all National Parks in America
25. Have something dedicated in my name
26. Change someone's life for the best
27. Beat a world record
28. Read the Book of Mormon in a month 
29. Go to the Rome Temple
30. Marry the next person I kiss
31. Walk where Jesus Christ walked: Jerusalem [stole this one from my roommate] 
32. Do humanitarian work in a third world country 
33. Do everything on my bucket list
34. Go to Niagara Falls
35. Have my own practice 
36. Go to general conference 
37. Go gambling 
38. Go to a Broadway show
39. Stand on a bridge without freaking out for five minutes
40. Go to Italy with my twin on our 50th birthday
41. Meet an apostle or prophet
42. Run a community service project and it turn out successful 
43. Have everyone like me. Sounds stupid, but I don't like when people hate me. 
44. Learn how to swim
45.Learn how to play the guitar
46.Write a song
47. Learn and forgive everyone that has hurt me in my life
48. Take my nieces and nephew and a trip when they're older
49.Learn how to play the piano
50.Have a 4.0 throughout at least a semester [i've been so close!]

So I have 48 to go! Some of them are kind of out there but they WILL happen. I'm sure all the traveling will be after I retire but that's alright.

I hope you enjoyed my bucket list. Happy 100th post to me!

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