Sunday, September 18, 2011

No voice

This weekend had to be one of the best weekends I have had in the longest time.

At the beginning of the week my friend Emily asked me if I was going to Tyler Ward's concert on Friday September 16, 2011. I had no idea he was even coming. After much research, I found out he really was coming. Tyler Ward come to Southern Utah University. In Cedar City? Oh yes. I then text Jessica and Aubrie and told them they better head to SUU for Tyler Ward's performance. Without hesitation, they came. Me and Jessica had a goal that we would get a picture with him. Oh I got a lot more than a picture with him.

Friday morning he had a sound check. Yeah, I was paparazzi status on him. After sitting there for a minute, I realized his whole crew was there. That means Tyler Ward, Alex G, Jess Moskaluke, and Eppic!!

My roommates and a few of our friends headed over to the Upper Quad around eight. There was tons of delicious free food, tons of entertainment, and some pretty exciting announcements. After hanging out and running into a bunch of friends, we decided to work our way over to the stage Tyler would be performing at. We weren't settling less than front and center. What did we get? Front and center. While we were waiting for them to set up, there was the sweetest firework show; good job SUU!

Finally. Best part of the night. Tyler Ward and his crew got on stage and started performing. Needless to say, Cedar's weather put a damper on things. It started down pouring on us (I personally loved it)! The rain didn't stop them but then the lightening did. They had to end the concert after about six songs. Oh and Eppic let me sing in his mic! Want to hear something embarrassing? I didn't know the lyrics "black and yellow, black and yellow." I was too nervous.

After the show, Tyler actually came down to see the rest of the people who actually stayed. We waited patiently... eh who am I kidding? I couldn't be patient! We stayed around for a long time though. I got a picture with Tyler and I was kissing his cheek. Check out my profile picture (it's also my computer's background)! Then for some reason everyone went all silent.

Me: "Tyler, do you have a girlfriend?"
Tyler: "No."
Me: "Do you want to make me a true t-bird and kiss me on the cheek (respect yo!)?"
Tyler: "Yeah!" *smooootch"

Right on the cheek baby. Am I a true t-bird? Yes, thanks to Tyler Ward. You jealous people out there, don't say it doesn't count because we didn't "lock lips." You're just jealous it didn't happen to you.

Then we took pictures with Eppic. Uh can you say sweetheart? He is seriously so insanely nice. You think these guys would be hiding out from all us crazy fans but nope, they all came out loving us!

Then Jess and Alex G just talked to us. I was so nervous I didn't know what I was saying. It's weird to watch them on YouTube and know I've hugged all of them and kissed one of them ;). Alex G couldn't perform her favorite song so she rapped the part in Super Bass for us privately.

Then we headed home and I bragged (still am) about my experience!

Well here are some pictures:

Daniel, Lyndsey, Lindsay, Tanner, Samantha, Me, Jessica, and Aubs

me and jess sporting our glow sticks

Yeah, I got a picture with The President. Woot woot. 

Excellent Firework show!

That's right. They're looking right at me. 

Couldn't ask for a better group to go with :)

He kept saying, "you guys are ridiculous." No we aren't. ha

ooo OOO!

We literally couldn't have gotten any closer. 

Who's that kissing Tyler? Oh yup. That's me.

Me, Eric, and Tyler. 

That smile of his. Bieber Fever doesn't even compare. MMM!

Aubs, Me, EPPIC, Jess and Eric. Eppic is such a sweetheart.

Jessica Moskaluke, Me, Jessica, and Alex G!
That night changed my life. I have one less thing on my bucket list now. It was awesome. Go, SUU! You guys did a great job. 

How 'bout those t-birds! We kicked some trash tonight at football. After SUU's game, Aubs and I got dinner and went and watched the Utes vs. BYU game. It's a shame for those Cougars. They didn't stand a chance. Go UTES!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. My voice is shot. I have been screaming way too much this weekend. It was totally worth it though. 

Goodnight, all. 

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