Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On Wednesday's nights, I take out 2-3 hours (matters what topic we discuss) out of my schedule to go to my Family Problems and Mediation class. This has showed me different patients I will run into when I'm a therapist. So far we have learned about people who have dealt with sexual abuse, self mutilation, and eating disorders. While we lecture and discuss about these situations people run in to, we talk about different types of degrees we can get and how much education is required for what. Well today I think I have figured out (as of right now, I've changed a bunch of times) what kind of therapy I want to do. 

Here's the plan, kids:

3 more semesters then I'll have my Bachelor's Degree. In meantime, I'm exploring my options for Graduate Schools. So excited for this by the way. No big deal. Attend Graduate School for two years and get my MSW (Master's in Social Work) and then get a specialty in Substance Abuse. Aww yeah! That's the new part of the plan. One of my biggest goals in life is to get my Ph.D so I can do research. We'll see if that actually happens. So, we're looking at five more years of schooling. That's not bad! I'll be 26 with my Ph.D if I just keep going at it without any breaks. 

"Oh hey, Dr. White (hopefully the last name changes)!"
Hey!! You ready to start your session? You can come back now. 

Total side note. If you didn't see my minor freak out.--okay let's be honest--major freak out on Facebook, Tyler Ward is coming to perform on Friday night for SUU's homecoming week. Am I going? Yes. Does it start at 10 and I'm going at 8 to get front and center seats? Yes. Will I get a picture with him? You bet your bottom dollar I will (hopefully)! Jessica and I are his biggest fans in Southern Utah. Guaranteed! 

Bahh! They're setting up the stages and everything
for Friday night. There will be a whole post dedicated
to him. 
 Now I'm going to go listen to some Tyler Ward to get me even more pumped up. Have a wonderful night!

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